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  1. Yeah Ryan has restarted. Follow him on Insta and he post when he is doing sessions. Penrith based.
  2. GTN mentioned that Fox sports would have coverage of the race in aus when they did the preview. But I can’t find it listed anywhere on Kayo
  3. It's amazing how calm he stays when he climbs out, Its so lucky he remained conscious, as I don't think those hand held fire extinguishers were going to do much so no one was going to get close enough to pull him out.
  4. He appears to pretty outspoken about drugs in tri. So you would think he would at least follow the rules no matter how long it takes someone to decide if it is okay or not. I agree the whole TUE process is stuffed and needs to be looked at
  5. https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/c55d-2310136/A.Starykowicz.MGSS_Award.pdf#_ga=2.161879998.343846160.1606339705-394874264.1606339705 The ruling is pretty clear he was told not to race until the TUE was approved and raced twice anyway
  6. I've never really rated Munster but last night he was incredible. Caused NSW trouble every time he touched the ball. Aldo-Carr would of scored that try if he wasn't hit but don't think it should of been awarded a penalty try. NSW didn't deserve to win that game but it would of paid back a couple of games from the QLD winning streak where QLD won where they weren't the best team on the night but always found a way to win.
  7. Rebel sports currently has the Garmin 935 for $374. Previous model but still does everything you need for a tri watch.
  8. Where are you guys buying your latex tubes from? I've got a set of GP5000's ready to put on but want a set of latex tubes to go with them but none of the local shops have them and wiggle is charging $25 dollars for postage which doubles to the cost
  9. Because I like numbers There are approx 44,00 votes left in Georgia - Gap is currently approx 12,800, Biden needs to win 65% of the remaining votes to over take Trump Since yesterday Biden has won about 72% of the votes in Georgia In Nevada 123,000 votes left trump need 55% of remaining votes - won 43% of votes since yesterday Arizona - Approx 415,000 left (SMH 6:15am) Gap 68,000 Trump needs to win 59% of remaining vote - Since yesterday he has won 59% So after that I've got no idea Can't find number of votes remaining for North Carolina or Pennsylvania
  10. Look after yourself Jim. You seem to be making big steps in the right direction. And we all missed you when you weren’t here for a while.
  11. No. But why do people think that rules don’t apply to them. Then get upset when someone pulls them up for it.
  12. I got the doubles about a month ago. Going great so far. Super easy to install and swap between bikes only problem is I had to swap the cleats on my shoes. Was using shimano spd-sl. On my tri shoes I couldn’t get the old cleats off so have to get some new ones
  13. Going through the results only 185 men finished and 30 females, There were lots of DNS. Seems like it was a good chance to go to Kona
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