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  1. Look after yourself Jim. You seem to be making big steps in the right direction. And we all missed you when you weren’t here for a while.
  2. No. But why do people think that rules don’t apply to them. Then get upset when someone pulls them up for it.
  3. I got the doubles about a month ago. Going great so far. Super easy to install and swap between bikes only problem is I had to swap the cleats on my shoes. Was using shimano spd-sl. On my tri shoes I couldn’t get the old cleats off so have to get some new ones
  4. Going through the results only 185 men finished and 30 females, There were lots of DNS. Seems like it was a good chance to go to Kona
  5. Limited

    Le Tour 2020

    SBS is showing it live. Or use the sbs tour tracker app. Sign up no fee and they have a live feed
  6. Limited

    Le Tour 2020

    Without the 1:21 time lost on stage 7, Richie would be in a solid 3rd place. The team did a solid effort to make sure he didn't lose any additional time on Stage 14 where he finished on a team mates bike.
  7. Limited

    Le Tour 2020

    Wont happen now. CyclingTips just wrote an article stating how good Richie was looking for a podium. 🤣
  8. Limited

    Le Tour 2020

    https://cyclingtips.com/2020/09/tdf-power-analysis-pogacars-peyresourde-attacks-and-new-climbing-record/ details of pogacars stage 8. The numbers blow my mind Below are this stats for the remainder of the climb following his second attack: Total Time: 10 minutes 41 seconds Distance: 2.5 miles (4.02 kilometers) Average Speed: 14.2 mph (22.85 kph) Elevation Gain: 1085 feet (331 meters) VAM: 1859 m/h Average Power: 446 W (6.75 W/kg) Max Power: 617 W
  9. Just received this email confirming the cancellation.
  10. How do the measured heart rates compare? I believe calorie burn is calculated by using HR
  11. Limited

    Bribie Tri 2020

    That’s a good lineup of pros. Would be good to watch
  12. I watch cycling videos on YouTube but always find myself breaking and stop pedalling when they enter tight corners trying to avoid the crash. 🤣
  13. If I was in a state like Queensland or WA and only people from that state entered I would. Currently in regional NSW would race a small club race. Sydney and Vic no way
  14. Limited


    I'm sure I saw on the news someone getting a carton delivered when in quarantine.
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