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  1. As someone who swims with sharks (tigers, bulls, whalers etc) most weeks out free diving, I can honestly say the majority are not out looking to attack humans, I know you probably know that, maybe try swimming with some on purpose one day and you’ll see they are an amazing creature. I have a goal this year of holding onto a tigers dorsal fin and going for a swim.
  2. Just got a pay rise- so for now I’m good Thankyou
  3. Been out spear fishing all day, just got home after bringing home a lot of fillets and figured we’d have fresh coral trout and crayfish- wife had other ideas.
  4. Well, hit the delete account button two weeks ago, as usual it suggests just deactivating it instead. Chose the permanent delete option. The cooling off period is done and I’ve no intention of opening a new account.
  5. I got released back into the care of my gp today and no longer in the care of the mental health dept at the hospital - it’s been a long road but am now seeing good progress. Can change at any time of course but for now I’m happy and hopefully stay that way
  6. Work 12hr shifts, 4 day shift followed by 4 days off then into 4 nights, when on night shift I’m typically in bed by 0630 and up and awake by 11am, that’s it until the next morning. day shifts I go to bed anywhere between 2030 and midnight and up by about 0445, it all depends how big of a day I had at work. days off I go on minimal sleep, always doing projects at home. If I’m going spear fishing I get basically none due to froth levels being through the roof. so I guess I don’t get much sleep but tend to get by ok. I will admit eventually it catches up and I just crash fo
  7. Cooked up some of the rankin I shot yesterday. Perfect dinner after some beers with some friends at our place this arvo.
  8. Well today was just brilliant, a mate and I went out and we dived from 15m to 4m, we got a couple of trophy sized trout, rankin, blue bone, Crays, even went and and shot some fish for our mate who was out but is pretty shot at shooting fish and grabbing Crays. I got bumped by a shark at one point but only a 6 footer so no dramas. the water via was amazing. At 15m depth we could see the fish from the surface and dive down and shoot them. A tremendous day. Came home and drove round town dropping Crays and fish off to friends of ours who don’t have boats and don’t dive. A great day
  9. Did he release it? Beautiful shark
  10. Not sure what’s for dinner but might take something out of the esky from today’s spearing trip. Epic conditions, could see the bottom clearly from the boat in 15m depth. Picking the fish then diving down and shooting it. Have not had conditions like this in ages.
  11. This is what work got for us who worked Xmas day.
  12. 😂😂 Nice try- I’ll grow old here and die and be sprinkled over the archipelago. As appealing as your offer is I’ll have to turn it down. Plus I enjoy working with trains and my company supplied housing, and free power, we’d get the same share scheme and private health benefits I presume so it’s not like your totally missing out...... thanks though 😂😂😂
  13. I’m glad I left for good a few years ago now, sold my house there this year and only link I have now is my mum and dad are still there. I reckon when they retire they will leave. my wife is a born and bred Townsville girl. Breaks her heart to see how the place is now. Her mum and Grand parents are there, they’ll all die there. She’s glad we left but she still misses “home” to an extent.
  14. Worked at anaconda for a few years, done a fair few trips into leonora and Laverton......lovely towns 😂
  15. Welcome to Karratha 😂. Similiar scenes here every pension day
  16. The green 🐑 and go the **** to sleep
  17. Just the “mates rates” comment will suffice
  18. I got my daughter a custom made fishing rod for catching squid, would wanna catch bloody squid, built by a mate and still cost shitloads. Matched it to a nice little 3000 size reel with multi colour braid. And the young fella this arvo got his present from me. Fish tank with some fishes. He gets his custom rod for his birthday in a couple months. if only my wife knew how much the rods cost. I’m also investigating building myself a nice blue water speargun for chasing wahoo. Something about 1500mm long out of timber.
  19. Typical Sunday at my place these days. Homemade pizza on the Webber
  20. #1 Mullewa #2 Meekatharra #3 Geraldton #4 Townsville #5 Roebourne #6 Wilcannia #7 Katherine #8 cloncurry #9 port augusta #10 iron knob
  21. I swam in budgys last week and was fine. Others were in wetties.
  22. I feel it’s safe. I swim there when I’m there, lots of others do too, it’s a popular beach. But like anywhere in WA, big sharks are possible I guess.
  23. I was there last week for the speedway, such a shame these bikies can’t do their business in private.
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