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    IMWA 2020

    I’m a bit of a fish snob, I only like shooting coral trout and blue bone - don’t get them down there. All though I wouldn’t mind finding a great white shark to dive with- I have a long held wish to free dive with one. I find them fascinating. i swam with a big tiger shark on Tuesday up here. Haven’t done that in ages. It was beautiful.
  2. KieranR

    IMWA 2020

    Sto being so silly- I’ll slap you 😂
  3. KieranR

    IMWA 2020

    Since this race got cancelled I’ve done the most exercise I’ve done all year 😂 - 4 days in a row
  4. I was 18 and all I remember when the Olympics were on is that I towed my boat up to cape York for 3 weeks solo Barra fishing and rum drinking. By the time I got home I’d done a gearbox in the outboard, blown a diff in my ute and managed to somehow put petrol in my diesel ute! And didn’t give a hoot about the Olympics. Great time away. I’ve always been a great self isolator 😂
  5. Severe vomiting within 30 minutes generally. Followed by bloating. i can confidently say we have never glutened him at home. However it has happened when out on one or two occasions. It can be stressful, and difficult, we live in Karratha so options for dining out for him are scarce which is a bummer so we don’t eat out much. However when we go to Perth he loves it because gluten free options are everywhere. We are members of coeliac Australia which is bloody awesome. the education of the hospitality staff in Australia about coeliac disease is poor in our opinion. I have had soo
  6. I doubt he will end up at Mecedes - if Toto wants to replace Bottas I presume he would call up George Russell. Then a seat at Williams opens up but again below average car.
  7. Perez deserves a spot on the grid in a competitive car. Options probably lay with Haas and Alpha- both below average cars. Bloke can drive.
  8. My seven year old son has Coeliac Disease. We are absolutely pedantic about cross contamination. Feel free to fire any questions my way. Happy to answer
  9. People can afford it because they choose to afford it. my good mate is a smoker, last week when we went away camping and diving We pulled into coral bay, he bought two 50gram bags of tobacco, filters and papers, & 4 ice coffees. $215 later........4 days later he hadn’t opened the second bag and we were due to come home, he threw out the remaining bag of tobacco, filters and papers. No doubt the next time we go out diving he’ll buy another bag. And bin what’s left on the way home. His girlfriend is a nurse and despises smoking
  10. When I was at my darkest days I often wondered what life would be like for my family if I were to die. I guess for now we’ll never know.
  11. KieranR

    IMWA 2020

    I guess being that the company is providing the vollies it’s a fair deal that they get given two entries to give away. I’d rather a dinner for two also but seen as though I’m toying with the idea of participating again I figure I may as well put an entry in and save myself ~$900 if I were to win.
  12. KieranR

    IMWA 2020

    I just entered a competition at work to win a free entry to IMWA2020. Probably the only race that’ll go ahead this year. Better start training. Think I’m going to go to an all fish diet, my freezer is nearly overflowing with Coral trout at the moment. not sure if I should do the marathon in just budgy’s this year, been talking about it for a while now. been hitting the gym a bit lately, not really working out though. Just been going so the wife stops threatening to pull my membership. I like being a member of a club. even put my bike light on charge before I went to wor
  13. 😂😂 I’ll have to download the GoPro footage im Pretty sure I got some of the Whales on it. we always take too many beers thinking we won’t catch much, then have a rippa day and have to drink the beers to fit the fish in the esky
  14. Went out again yesterday- good day. Lost a few off the spear to sharks but overall another ripper day diving. At one stage we were surrounded by whales, they were with 10-15 meters of us, it was just magical. We were spewing we left the drone at home, the footage would have been amazing.
  15. Leg training! Went spear fishing and there was 2.6knots of current, the whole time I was kicking like all buggery just to stay over the ledge we were diving on. Legs are buggered today
  16. Rippa day out on the hunt again with the spear gun. So much fun we’re going out again on Friday
  17. Thankyou. Yes we live in a small town so he is quite literally 2 minutes drive from our house. I’ve been talking to him every few days and a few beers together since her passing. He works on my crew at work so we all see each other every 4 days. We also go fishing a lot together so the contact will remain. Talking to my wife yesterday, discussing what we can do to keep helping, maybe meals, take his kids to after school activities while we are at work etc (our kids are in same school)
  18. Whilst I know plenty here have lost mates and partners etc, on Thursday I attended the funeral of a very close mates wife in Perth, im Ok with people dying etc, but what broke me the other day was watching him lower his wife who was only 39 into her grave. My heart absolute bleeds for him. Watching that process unfold shook me like never before. He was so bloody brave and his two kids (12 & 7) were f@#king amazing. I was very fortunate to be sent down by our employer along with 3 others to help support him. We then drank a serious volume of beer at the pub with him and stayed
  19. Well this morning I turned my hand to a bit of UFC against some punk who was trying to break into my house. Got a call from the wife at 0500 asking if that was me trying to get in. I was still at work, rushed home and disturbed them. I’m a better street fighter than I remembered. Think he wishes the cops got here before I did.😉
  20. My house smelt like a fish shop tonight 😂 IMG_1721.mov
  21. Five minutes before that I was running round in my budgys but Nicole told me to get dressed because the new car (new for us) we bought was getting delivered and apparently I was not dressed appropriately
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