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  1. We’re not sure how much longer we have with our Lexidog, so we got some new photos a couple weeks ago. Just got sent this from our photographer. She’s beautiful but certainly age is catching up with her. She’s 14 now
  2. I’ve just spent four days in exmouth spearfishing with these two mates. We shot some epic fish, spent all day everyday in the boat diving, camped on the beach and only went into town to shower today before we made the trip home. Such a great time and one heck of a trip. I’ve found my gang. And we get home tonight for beers and pizza to debrief. Can’t wait til the next trip.
  3. Yes I’d happily jump in the water if I saw a GW, I’d hang off the back of the boat though until I felt comfy with it’s behaviour and I’d have my spear gun (unloaded) pointed in its direction at all times. Just about every shark encounter I’ve had it’s been when spear fishing, some are cruisey and just hanging around, others are far more aggressive and will hound you. It’s at this time you need to asses and make a decision is it safe to stay in the water. I’ll happily shoot fish when sharks are around . It’s the reef and whaler sharks that become an issue because They will nail fish on the
  4. I love sharks- I see them all the time when diving. Here’s a tiger shark from a few dives ago. We were diving in about 8m of water and he popped in to see what was going on
  5. The kids and I went mountain biking down in Margaret river a week or so ago, heading back down in a few weeks for more. Reminds me of the trails in Taupo
  6. I had a best friend when I was 14, her name is Jodie, we were destined to get married and have a couple of kids, we went our different ways but we always knew we could talk to each other. 15 months ago I got a random message from her. And we’ve been in fairly constant contact. I miss her and vice versa. She’s the one person other than my wife that I can tell everything.
  7. Interesting to read about friends. I can relate. I have more acquaintances than friends. throughout school I had no mates, would always just hang out by myself in areas of the school ground where no one would go, got to high school and spent most of my time wagging class and doing anything I could to avoid the place, ended up leaving in year ten. adult life I never fitted in at my work places and ended the victim of numerous workplace bullies. Then moved to construction where I “made friends” but would only turn out to be work friends, construction would finish and people move on
  8. Those big clams in the ocean. I always want to touch one but I’m scared they’ll slam shut and I’ll get my hand stuck and then drown
  9. KieranR

    IMWA 2020

    I’m a bit of a fish snob, I only like shooting coral trout and blue bone - don’t get them down there. All though I wouldn’t mind finding a great white shark to dive with- I have a long held wish to free dive with one. I find them fascinating. i swam with a big tiger shark on Tuesday up here. Haven’t done that in ages. It was beautiful.
  10. KieranR

    IMWA 2020

    Sto being so silly- I’ll slap you 😂
  11. KieranR

    IMWA 2020

    Since this race got cancelled I’ve done the most exercise I’ve done all year 😂 - 4 days in a row
  12. I was 18 and all I remember when the Olympics were on is that I towed my boat up to cape York for 3 weeks solo Barra fishing and rum drinking. By the time I got home I’d done a gearbox in the outboard, blown a diff in my ute and managed to somehow put petrol in my diesel ute! And didn’t give a hoot about the Olympics. Great time away. I’ve always been a great self isolator 😂
  13. Severe vomiting within 30 minutes generally. Followed by bloating. i can confidently say we have never glutened him at home. However it has happened when out on one or two occasions. It can be stressful, and difficult, we live in Karratha so options for dining out for him are scarce which is a bummer so we don’t eat out much. However when we go to Perth he loves it because gluten free options are everywhere. We are members of coeliac Australia which is bloody awesome. the education of the hospitality staff in Australia about coeliac disease is poor in our opinion. I have had soo
  14. I doubt he will end up at Mecedes - if Toto wants to replace Bottas I presume he would call up George Russell. Then a seat at Williams opens up but again below average car.
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