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  1. Looking for Bike mech recommendations in Perth please. Will need to unpack and repack bike in scicon bag so my wife can just collect and bring home once done. Preferably in city to Perth childrens hospital area. looking for top quality service. Not fussed on how much it costs. Thanks
  2. I worked there for 2.5yrs, got assaulted and beaten to within an inch of my life, got carjacked and threatened with a machete had my work car stolen and burnt to ashes got pneumonia and spent weeks in hospital, medivacced to Australia. I don’t have fond memories and stand by my shithole comment.
  3. thanks, although that's not correct in this instance. 100% was not on there even though I had it on the app. but its ok now, I remembered I have to install it via Garmin express, which I've just done and its now showing on the connect web page.
  4. How do I add a new Garmin device to the connect page on the web? Ive got it on the app on my phone but I cannot see where on the connect website where I can add the device. I've removed the old device.
  5. Ramp test- a sad reflection of my current fitness levels 😳
  6. Had one since 2013- wife uses it nearly every day. Worth it? Yes I would say so. We don’t cook meals in it as I when we tried it for meals it just wasn’t quite how we like our meals.
  7. Yeah, she’s lovely- reached out to me when I was battling along. Really nice lady
  8. Anyone seen or heard from her? I’ve had a profile look up and she hasn’t been here since January 2nd.
  9. It’s probably a fair call, she’s 33, may or may not want to start a family. It admits she’s thought about it, is in a relationship that appears new ish, completing her studies and doing further studies. I’m sure she’ll still race but her life now has other priorities. Good on her
  10. It constantly am amazes me how lucky we are to live up here. Shore diving with a mate yesterday and we came home with 3 solid trout and a nice blue bone.
  11. Yep I don’t mind a punt.
  12. Amazing what a bit of wet stuff does to the race. Really enjoyed that last night, good to see the stewards haven’t dragged boats and russel in, racing incident IMO. the McLaren has real pace, not enough to push the red bulls or Mercedes, but they have made huge improvements. Lando is a real star of the future, the kid can drive. aston Martin is a bit of a shit show at the moment. Hamilton got lucky with the red flag as did Perez but he screwed it up after the restart.
  13. Some interesting outlooks from all sides and all valuable. It’s just interesting to see. Personally up until about 2 years ago I always worked in roles that were extremely well paid, I chased the money. A lot of the roles were short term contract, highly rewarded with pay and completion bonuses etc. I put a lot of money into super and the stock market. My super balance is probably above the average for my age (39) and the shares we have are sitting pretty. 2yrs ago I finished up earning the high paying roles and now earn less than half of what I used to but am now happier, howeve
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