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  1. I ended up spending more than I wanted but the Fenix 6 pro is on it’s way.
  2. They have one as part of the WA open water series at hearsons cove. Yes they have an amateur swim club but I have never seen adults. It’s all kids
  3. I once did a 12km run around karratha on a Thursday night in just my budgies and running shoes, no shirt. Made the local Facebook moan and groan page. Was the talk of the town for a day or so
  4. My 920xt has been claimed by my daughter. What Garmin should I get that I can load music onto. I’m going to do some training and gym Work and would like some tunes this time round. Don’t like running with phone etc
  5. If I lived somewhere that held consistent shorter stuff I probably would. But I don’t
  6. Pretty much me at the moment - I had a 2hr session with my councillor today and while I’m going well we both realised we need to discuss my lack of care for how I look. although I didn’t race triathlon long and have only done 3 IM and a couple of 70.3 (location of where I live means we don’t have access to regular triathlon). I miss it and want to race again. Part of my “rehab” is to start getting some fitness back and as he simply put it, I just need to turn up. So on my way home today from the hospital I went to the gym and re signed. I don’t have the spark yet and I realise tha
  7. There’s so many covers of landslide, but being that I’m a fan of bush, I reckon this ones not too bad https://youtu.be/i055VEvnLA4
  8. So bloody good to see
  9. Two years ago today on my 37th birthday as plenty here will remember I was arrested by police and put into care at the hospital for my own well being, happy to say I’m still making strides forward and today on my 39th birthday I got through unscathed, a few quiet moments to reflect how far I’ve come in two years, and I also chose to go into work today on my day off and do a training course just to keep myself busy and occupied. Went out for dinner with my family and had a nice quiet dinner before heading to work tomorrow for 4 day shifts. Wife and kids also got me a beautiful timber speargun
  10. I went to the kitchen straight away, my wife didn’t even know, I showed her as soon as she walked in from school pick up, also the following people in my phone book didn’t know ash mustard craig kaz neeks tessa nath gav jo d dad mum luke gooch jados j rad b rad bourkey lingy gully joey from moe I’ve enlightened half of the Pilbara. Thankyou goughy
  11. Are you serious??????? I must go to the kitchen and find this out.
  12. The shell servo in Dampier is the only one in the Pilbara that doesn’t charge for tomato sauce sachets so you can sauce ya sausage roll on the way to the boat ramp without paying 20c extra
  13. Just walk in and say when do I start. Process over and done with nice and quick 😂
  14. Or just stay off drugs altogether! I’ve always worked in high risk environments - mining, construction, oil and gas and now rail. It actually really concerns me that I’m working with people who are potentially drug affected. I’d hate to be hit by a train with a driver who makes a **** up and is out of control due to drug intoxication. It’s really quite scary
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