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  1. Thanks, I might have to purchase a kickr, we shall see. Thanks
  2. Hi All. I'm moving into an apartment (not yay) and looking to reduce/minimise noise from my trainer. I have a tacx satori smart trainer, with trainer specific wheel. I was wondering if anyone had any mat/material/noise minimising recommendations to ensure my neighbours are not interrupted. Cheers
  3. japay1

    Training solo

    Hi all. Due to time and location constraints I'm forced to do all my session's solo. I'm just trying to get some tips on how to stay accountable particularly during the hard or long sessions, and was wondering if anyone has any pieces of advice for the completely solo grind. Thanks
  4. You guys might appreciate this recent article in the age: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/heart-attacks-of-the-mega-fit-how-safe-is-extreme-sport-20180328-p4z6m7.html?platform=hootsuite
  5. Hi all, I recently purchased a second-hand trek speed series concept 7 second hand XS size which has 650 wheels. When I brought it the previous owner stated "Trek only produce XS Frame with 650 wheels otherwise impossible to produce correct geoemetry," which I'm not discounting, however I'm 167cm tall F, so pretty average height, was wondering if it would be possible to to put 700 rims and tyres on at all, or would that put me at too much risk of toe-overlap what not. Just wondering if anyone's had any experience or what not. Thanks
  6. japay1

    Garmin 735 Dead

    Just happened to me (literally just got the replacement unit from Garmin this AM-it did take a turnaround of roughly 3 weeks). Died randomly 1 week before Geelong after having it for 18 months (also purchased from pushy's who couldn't do anything). Will hopefully get at least another 18 months out of this watch before upgrading to a different one. I've been happy with the service from Garmin.
  7. Thanks for the tips! I'm in Frankston, and yes saw plenty of cyclists out this morning on the Nepean . I'll have to do a bit of exploring!
  8. Hey guys. Just moved down to the Frankston/Mornington area and am keen to get out on the bike. I've had a look at the Nepean between Frankston/Mornington but am not too keen on that. Looking for some pretty quiet route recommendations (where I'm from I usually just ride on very, very quiet roads where only people who live on them drive typically). Any recommendations/routes/groups would be appreciated. Cheers!
  9. Hi all. Relatively new here. I'm looking for any first time turbo recommendations. Don't really have any preferences between fluid/mag/direct etc. Would welcome any recommendations/advice from users. Looking at a price limit of around $400-500 for a first time which probably puts the direct drives out of budget. Thanks guys
  10. Hi all. Moving to Bendigo for 6 months placement and looking to join a running group/club in Bendigo to maintain fitness (won't really have time for competing). Wondering if anyone knows any groups/clubs, preferably training in the morning as a bonus as well? Cheers
  11. Just wondering if anyone has actually gained any benefits from doing any form of strength work, ie. speed, injury prevention etc. I'm currently doing 2 sessions per week (full body), but am not sure if I will gain any triathlon benefits? cheers
  12. japay1


    Anyone ever purchased anything from Slane cycles? How did you find them? Cheers
  13. japay1

    Training rut

    Hi guys, So this year I've gotten into a bit of a training rut, and my training has been steadily declining, until I imagine I might get to a point where I don't train. I'm a medical student, and this year particularly I'm finding it incredibly difficult to fit into training. Any advice from someone with a very hectic schedule? I've always had the motivation, but now I'm prioritizing everything else ahead....
  14. Hi just wondering if someone could tell me the best place to buy a garmin 920xt? Cheers
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