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  1. I was thinking of getting one of these new fangled things and had settled on the Forerunner 25. Don't want a HRM. Just the cheapest GPS watch that will enable me to look at where I've been on a map on a computer. Will the 25 let me do that? K
  2. Thanks Mark and others. It has been a long time. I think about the old days often. They really were a lot of fun. Although I did tend to be somewhat obsessive when it came to training and racing. Things seem to be a lot quieter on this site than they used to be? K.
  3. Thanks Paul. Yes I am. For a while there I hit the bush like I was still racing. Then I wondered why no one would come with me any more? I've mellowed somewhat since then. I miss all the competition and people of the tri scene. My grandson is now using some of my old gear. Please pass on my regards to Dianne. K.
  4. Ah yes it is and ah no I'm not making a come back. Those were the days though. Hard to think Mark we lined up for our first next to one another on the racks all those years ago. Then went back each year for the next 10 years. You have course have kicked onto much bigger and better things since then. As for me.... Well let's just say, we were warriors once.
  5. My first. 10:50 and change. Hard to believe it was 22 years ago. Remember it like yesterday. K.
  6. I've decided to reduce the price to $1,950. still comes with fibreglass bike box on wheels. W 92615800 K.
  7. Kanangra


    As it has now been over 2 years since my last race it has become apparant to me that I have by default retired. I had 10 good years in the sport and achieved all the goals I set. In truth I went a lot further than I ever thought I would. Which just goes to show that triathlon does reward hard work. In the end I found it just too difficult to come back after my accident in 2007. I really enjoyed my time in the sport and will never forget it. I can honestly say that I never met a triathlete I didn't like. I will miss it. But I must say having a regular life back also hjas its advantages. As
  8. Hi All, I have added some Pics of the bike. Also my mobile is 0403 741 950 Cheers
  9. The wheels have been sold. As have the shoes. The bike is a large. To fit me at 5' 11". It is 52cm top tube length ( inside dimension.) If interested I will e-mail photos. Comes with Hed tri spoke on rear and Hed stinger on front. Sale includes 2 spare singles and bike bag which attaches under seat. $2,500 all up. Included in the price is a triple 3 fibreglass bike box and a Cycleops fluid trainer. I will also throw in some old IM videos from the archives. (W) 92615800. Bike housed at at Ryde.
  10. Mate yes I think that is the case. I have someone looking at them tonight so will let you know. K.
  11. Not having raced for two years I have come to realise that my career is over. Thanks for the memories. My assorted stuff is for sale on Tri Trade. K......
  12. Not having raced for over 2 years I have to face reality; my career is over. So I have decided to sell my stuff. First up my Azzuri Chrono TT bike. With Ultegra. Hed Tri spoke rear. And Hed Stinger 5.0 on front. Full STI set up. Used only for racing over two seasons. So probably ridden 1500km only all up. $2,500. Will throw in fibreglass bike box. And sundry extras, jetstream, Bento box etc. Also for sale ZIPP disc and ZIPP 440 front. Also Zipp 303 front ( good for Hawaii ) $1,000 the lot for these. Will throw in 2004 one piece Australian IM racing suit and sundry tri tops. A
  13. I know Peter personally. Have done for 25 years. He is intelligent, hard working and honest. I didn't know he was standing. I wish him well. K.
  14. I thought Kona was hot till I went to Langkawi.
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