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  1. k3vski

    Back on-line

    Thank you to everyone involved. Truly appreciate it.
  2. Race report from last weekend if anyone is interested http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2021/05/moreton-bay-triathlon-2021.html
  3. I haven't really budgeted this but I'm pretty tight arse on most things, so I don't sweat it too much over the tri expenses. I have done at least one Ironman (except last year due to COVID) in the last 12 years and typically support a few local races in between. But I don't sign up to those series, mainly because if I'll be racing every other weekend I won't get any long training done. I don't do the IM owned shorter events such as Mooloolaba or Noosa, as I can't justify the premium price for the distance. Most of my gear I use for a very, very long time. My race goggles are over 12 year
  4. Not really. But there is a section where there isn't any traffic lights where I can go harder. And to make my ride longer, I just do more repeats of this section. I usually aim for an overall average of 30kph for the entire ride, so 180km would be 6 hours. In context, I'm a 2:30 bike split for 70.3 and hope to get to about 5:15 for the IM.
  5. Each person has different strengths and weaknesses, so it would be different for everyone. For me, cycling is definitely my limiter and also where I can make most gains from. I typically plan my sessions based on distance, rather than time. And I stick to the usual training routes so I know how long it would typically take me to complete the distance. I'm building for IM Busso later this year, planning to start around mid June, increasing 15kms in the bike after every 3 or so weeks, with two 180km rides in the 4th and 3rd week out from the race. Long runs will be increasing 2kms every 3 or so
  6. TQ Duathlon in Toowoomba. Saturday 24 July, midday start. ttps://www.triathlon.org.au/State_Associations/QLD/qld/TRI_Extras/News/Toowoomba_Wellcamp_Airport_lands_QLD_Duathlon_Championships.htm While it would be a nice change in temperature compared to the 3 degrees mornings in Springfield in the previous years, I think my body clock may be in for a shock starting a race at lunch time.
  7. Yup Centenary Highway is my staple long ride on the weekends too. But it has a fair bit of rolling hills, so the effort is not as constant. 🙈🙉🙊
  8. About 2.6km each way, so 5.2km complete loop. It's my go to route for the mid week ride on race week, put on the race wheels for some short, sharp efforts with the recovery at each end.
  9. I find it pretty good actually but I do start pretty early at about 5.30am and I was done just after 8am. There are cycling groups that come and go, plenty of space to overtake or be overtaken. Only very rarely, where I had to slow down a bit if there is an oncoming vehicle trying to overtake cyclists in the opposite direction and had to cross over to your lane. Obviously keep your eyes in front to watch out for parked cars and pedestrians.
  10. We call it the hot dog loop, but I think it looks more like a lasso or a sperm. Turning around at the cemetery at one end and looping around the Jacaranda Park playground at the other end.
  11. Thanks! And throughout the ride, I was wondering I think I could lower the arm pads by another 5mm... you know, to be more aero! About the Logan gear... shhh... don't tell me SBTC mates! Hahaha. Well, gotta make use of the gear from former clubs, rather than having them just sitting in the closet, right?
  12. Nope, I rode Sunday and yes I had my lights on
  13. I haven't done the airport route and have always been curious. Personally I find the bike path from Nundah to Redcliffe a bit challenging to clock a high speed, due to the winding sections especially at the start. I've done a 90km ride on the corso (17 laps) a few times now - yes, there is a bit of a brief break at the turnaround loop around the playground but I find my efforts are a lot more consistent compared to doing the North bike path.
  14. k3vski

    Couch to Kona

    I'm too much of a realist to believe that anyone can qualify for Kona. There will be genetics, talent, biomechanics etc. coming into play. It's like telling all the other finalists in the 100m sprint that they can beat Usain Bolt if they really wanted it.
  15. Yes, triathlete is directly translated into iron person (or iron man) in Mandarin
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