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  1. Sorry to be going on about this, but wanted to make sure that you do not miss out. Did you go through the process of signing waivers, selecting T shirt size etc? I too had a confirmation that I deferred but you actually need to go through the whole process again to complete the registration. And that's where that registration link is required.
  2. I suggest you ring them if you haven't received an email with a link to complete your registration. Ring them at 1300 761 384 or (+61) 7 5430 6700. I too deferred from 2020 IMWA to 2021 IMWA and didn't receive a link. Apparently they have been having issues with the bulk emails. I rang them and it got sorted straightaway.
  3. I commute to work daily on my road bike (only less than 20 minutes ride) and definitely would not do it on the tri bike. I've done so on a few occasions when the roadie is in the workshop and never felt as safe, can't brake quickly enough, difficult to maneuver around pedestrians etc. Also, depending on the security of your bike storage, you don't want to be risking the tri bike getting stolen. Like gregb, I did a search on 99 bikes, there appear to be plenty of choices less than $1k. Whether they would be in stock or not, is another matter as I hear bike shops are struggling to get suppl
  4. I'm considering doing the 3 day one. But my long rides have been 90-100km and long runs been 20kms for the last 5 weekends, so pretty sure I'll struggle in the later stages. Plus, have not ran a stand alone marathon for over 11 years, so not sure how I'll go doing this on my own in a non race environment. Will decide closer to the end of the week and let you guys know how I go!
  5. Thanks for this! Hear, hear! Same tri club as Daz and Khloe, so I have interacted with Khloe a bit (not that much as she does a fair bit of training on her own). And I have to say, apart from being a gun triathlete, she is a wonderful human being and a great personality!
  6. I think the system can be further refined (means more work for Ironman, if they want to do it) is to have a cut off for qualifying within a certain % of the finishing time of the winner in each age group. They have done it in the past for Pros, if for example there are 2 spots but the 2nd place finisher is outside the range, he/she doesn't get the spot. And spots that cannot be claimed because they finished outside the range, gets rolled to another age group. It still won't be 100% fair as you can have a very fast winner (e.g. former pro) in your age group and everyone else would b
  7. Not boring at all, thanks for sharing! Always keen to read someone else's experience, especially on the same course. Well done and congrats on the AG win!
  8. Deepest condolences to you and your family. That is a wonderful tribute for your mum. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks for reading! Those are the only pair of closed shoes his feet could fit into at the moment (they grow too fast) haha!
  10. Thanks for reading! Well done on your race too!
  11. Thanks for reading guys!
  12. Great write up, congrats on the PB! Considering the turn of events for you, that's a really great result!
  13. Race report in the following link if anyone is interested. Well done to all those who raced! http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2020/09/sunshine-coast-703-2020.html
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