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  1. Thanks everyone FYI - I managed to get the pass within 4 hours (they say 3 days), I had it on me, but didnt need to show it when I came back through a different route other than the checkpoint
  2. Quick Q. Anyone from QLD on this forum rode into NSW since the COVID restrictions? Do you know if I need to get a border pass?
  3. What does everyone think of Sunshine Coast 70.3 in Sept? I've started my training block this week and hopeful it goes ahead. If not might pop up to Sunny Coast for a holiday anyway...
  4. Monday morn 2 hour fasted ride Day 1 of Sunshine Coast 70.3 off to a good start!
  5. Anyone know where I can purchase replacement t3+ aero pads?
  6. About to sign up for the 70.3 as well
  7. What app is that? Yeah I am enjoying it. Its hard work!
  8. Have a 10 month old, the exercise has REALLY dropped off with relocating to the Gold Coast, finding a job, been a pretty busy year. Think i've put on about 10kg. Need some focus so thinking of signing up for Cairns 70.3. - too time poor the full.
  9. I used to have a pair of adidas bostons. I really enjoyed running in them, and ran my fastest HIM run leg in them
  10. I cant even remember the last time I swam in my wetsuit.....................better see if it even still fits
  11. Very raw. I feel for the guy. I hope he gets a coach
  12. hahaha - second last wave start. oh dear
  13. Suburban Kid


    I use it on all my races. I used it during the IM and by the end of the bike run, I felt as though I could have smashed a Vegemite sandwich or something, so i've since upped my protein to make me feel fuller - Yet to give it a whirl under race conditions
  14. 90 Min Trainer ride this morn. Light 9K tonight if the rain holds out
  15. 2k swim at lunch. This is my 2nd swim in months. Plenty of room for improvement, at the moment I feel like im just swimming on the same spot! 90 min trainer tonight
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