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  1. Unfortunately Crowie is racing Husky, missed Geelong cut off.
  2. I'm picking Burger to back up from Dubai. I reckon Appo will struggle to hang with Josh on bike and if he does, his run will be off. Josh ran a 1:14 at Dubai off a solid bike - so his run is improving. Podium Josh Appo Willy Kudos to Jake M on return to 70.3 racing. Should be a great race all round!
  3. Hoping this isn't personal with Bergs and pay out like this all the other pros racing as well.
  4. Sir (I think, maybe madam but i doubt it) I am appreciating your renewed presence on Twitter and now on this site. Going well so far
  5. Can't go wrong with hot screaming chicks, but probably can't say that these days...
  6. Its only about $20 for season pass. Well worth it - best coverage of any triathlon races. ITU are all over it.
  7. I'm just hoping we see a hot female podium, my picks: Ash Helen Jenkins Andrea Hewitt.
  8. I hope everyone is allowing for extra time in T1 - Josh always takes ages to put his socks on - he has the slowest T1 usually.
  9. A quote to me from a triathlon coach (and cross country ski coach) before he blocked me: "Doping is everywhere - doping is nowhere" I don't think we should ever be surprised.
  10. No, not her I don't think as she was DQd for going down a certain hill to fast.
  11. Does anyone know who this athlete may be: http://firstoffthebike.com/news/blog/the-crank-105/ 2. We have heard whispers of a positive A sample returned by an Australian professional this week. While we won’t name names just yet we contacted ASADA and TA. ASADA did respond with “ASADA cannot confirm or deny the possible existence of any investigation as to do so may prejudice any investigation or subsequent legal proceedings, or unfairly affect the commercial or personal reputation of an organisation or individual.” TA refused to comment. There will be more to this in the coming days.
  12. Adam Gordon out biked Josh by two minutes - go figure.
  13. Whats with all the slow times?! Swim 44:20 Bike 4:29:30 Run 3:04:05 Tran - 4:00 8:21:55 I want an IA if I get the exact time
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