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  1. Not as bad as some of the ITU swims ive heard about! https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/02/nascar-daytona-500-lake-lloyd-truex-bowyer
  2. Stroll had underwing damage that contributed to the rapid graining of his inters in the last stint. What was obvious to me was the difference between pace and experience on the weekend. Lots of fast people finished further back than they should have, but people like Lewis and Perez (a notable driver with exceptional tire deg history) made the right calls on what tires to be on. For example, Stroll was told to pit, and accepted it, then questioned why. Lewis told them he was on the right tires and not to change unless it rained again. Stroll, Max, Albon and Leclerc all looked fa
  3. Ive been in for UTA 100 all year, it was going to be my A race this year. Ive now rolled over to 2021 given the 2 cancellations this year. Ive managed to get my first Ultra in at Black Cat, a 60k event near Newcastle, similar if not a bit more aggressive elevation profile per km than UTA, so good training. I had a decent sprained ankle just over a month ago which I have been re-habbing like mad, and attempted the Guzzler 100k a week ago, but pulled out at 20k as I started loosing all flexion. Ankle is slowly improving, Im still entered for a 55k Shoalhaven Summit event next week, bu
  4. Nowhere to hide. You get out of aero and you’re gone. Nine course is perfectly suited to sanders, and a 20 meter draft zone (including distance cones set up around the course) should mean a genuine bike TT with no drafting for the first time in a long time. The course is simple, but makes for a simple TV telecast as well. NASCAR just goes around in circles, but the tv and commentary make it a good spectacle. the run leg was great last year, as they had the bike literally beside the 2 leaders watching the full battle. You shouldn’t miss any of the action.
  5. I’d say there’s more noise around this than anything other than Kona... 2020 is the perfect storm for this event, no olympics, no Kona, no 70.3 worlds. Basically every triathlete is free and ready to race. I know Ryf and Frodo aren’t going, but it’s likely the strongest lineup we will see for a long time. There are announcements Coming soon about the telecast, that is crucial because last years stream was horrific.
  6. The new guy

    Le Tour 2020

    All riders clean, 4 support staff from seperate teams positive, all teams cleared to proceed. from Reuters.
  7. No inside info here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t actually a council exerting power, but a council completely out of their depth. Since when have decisions based around pandemic control had anything to do with a local council... they are in the position of having to decide if events are safe, and being gun shy I’d say.
  8. WA, SA and Qld will have zero restriction on mass event number outside of a combo of 2m + 4m spacing by the end of the month, all have made that announcement. SA and Qld also opening borders to anyone not from Victoria this month as well with no quarantine, WA held their announcement date due to Vic proceedings. Major stadiums still have percentage restrictions in qld, but WA will fill stadiums this weekend for AFL.
  9. Next 8 week schedule announced overnight. https://www.facebook.com/111326003837895/posts/158902119080283/?d=n
  10. Actually, scratch that, road closures for a 2 day event would be horrendous.
  11. Given nsw have today announced community sports events up to 500 people, valid as of today, they may be looking to do the 2 events over 2 days. it’s another step in the right direction, 500 pax events allowed from July 1, still over 2 months until Port.
  12. Texas has had a huge increase in the last 2 weeks. If the race was last week I’m sure it would have gone ahead. Local government seemed happy a week ago, but numbers have skyrocketed to a point where they are telling everyone to stay home now, big change in a short amount of time. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/24/texas-coronavirus-cases-infections-houston-hospitals
  13. Lubbock gone. Given the US has just posted their highest ever 1 day infection rate, and Texas is running out if hospital beds, absolutely the right call.
  14. By good signs I mean that travel restrictions and mass participation thresholds are being removed in some states months before the scheduled Ironman events mentioned in this thread. The signs are good that there is a very real possibility that these events are able to go ahead and get an entire industry back on its feet, and all some of those who work within that industry might be able to keep their jobs and businesses afloat.
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