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  1. He’s called it. Sunny has confirmed it. He wants to do this one with just his group. Victory lap. What an absolute badass. Imagine the mental strength to spend 3 months aiming for a target, then wake up on day 101 and do another. Damn.
  2. HES WOKEN UP AND GONE BACK TO THE POOL! It looks like he’s going for 101!!
  3. He cranked it up today, and had a bit of a meltdown. 5 hour marathon, and a 12.27 total time...Fastest of the 100 on his final day. Goes to show how he was pacing. What a freaking epic achievement. Slowtwits will be in meltdown trying to talk it down.
  4. Interestingly a day or so after the 'dont use our name' post from Ironman, the IC group has released their own long course race in Utah under the Xtri brand. Well played.
  5. Big crash today. Rider in the group got her arm warmer stuck in a spoke, both she and the IC went over the bars and got banged up. Still going, but he will need some work.
  6. He’s having a bad day now. From the strongest he’s been for a while, back to jogging the marathon, something in his shin let go and he’s now getting in course treatment and chiro to get to the end.
  7. ST thread on this is doing my head in. In a country where 2/3rds of the country think the election was stolen because trump told them so, it’s quite unbelievable that so many of them are picking apart the details of the 100 challenge. selective thought processes.
  8. It looks like it was at its worst on day 4. Looks much better now and he says it feels heaps better. They’ll likely keep to walking a few more days to rest it as much as possible (if that’s actually possible) but it looks to be on the improve. there was an ultra tri guy on ST who did 100 marathons who said his anklE did the same thing early in, it’s basically crazy fluid retention. His cleared up, maybe this will as well. He was never going to do 100 straight without the body rebelling at some stage, and it looks this time line he went in a little underdone to get race fi
  9. I think it will take a few days to settle into a rhythm. Not him, but all the things around it. The support crew getting better at food, the trail teams getting better at vehicle support. The kit crews getting better at having the right gear for him each day. Its a mammoth operational task each day, and getting things 100% dialled from day one is not realistic. Remember in the 50 he turned up at T2 and there werent any shoes for him? He already talked after day 1 that there were heaps of lessons to learn.
  10. The first few weeks are going to be tough - he was riding with icicles on his beard yesterday. Understand that if he left it later to start the last month would be too hot, but jeees....
  11. I usually simplify the food I intake for 24 hours prior, simple cereals, sandwich etc and switch to white carbs from multigrain/whole meal. That theory is to remove risk of upset stomach and improve chances on a clean out on race morning. Dinner is a tub of microwave rice, 2 tins of tuna and half an avocado with tonnes of salt. Easily repeatable in hotel rooms. Breakfast usually is a banana or a rice cake sandwich with PB and honey. I’ve never had any issues since I started that. I usually aim for taper week to continue with the same volume of food intake, the f
  12. In addition Sparke Helmore was on in Newy. Also a lot of cost were shared around their trail run australia series of races on the Sunday. Around 700 runners on Sunday alone. That’s what I was doing.
  13. All of this has happened. He now swims squad in Arizona, with Heather Jackson amongst others. He has also identified that gold was a distraction, and now doesn’t play regularly. He also has been training for a year with DTD again, who coached him to his podium in Kona. The results of this partnership so far are a 5k PB, Canadian hour record, and 4th in Daytona off the back of the first 2 efforts. Very interested to see how he goes this year, with another year of DTD and focused, regular squad swimming.
  14. This is as legitimate as the x2 breaking2 efforts. Both of those were huge media events promoting long distance running to main stream media and plenty of eyeballs who had never seen or cared about a marathon. The difference this time is it’s being promoted and funded by a philanthropist who approached Macca for ways to help junior sport participation. They created ph3onix, and are using this sub7/sub8 as an awareness tool. For the breaking 2 attempts it was a chemical manufacturer and a shoe maker with a dodgy history of sweat shops... Id say this is overall a good thing for th
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