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  1. I think it will take a few days to settle into a rhythm. Not him, but all the things around it. The support crew getting better at food, the trail teams getting better at vehicle support. The kit crews getting better at having the right gear for him each day. Its a mammoth operational task each day, and getting things 100% dialled from day one is not realistic. Remember in the 50 he turned up at T2 and there werent any shoes for him? He already talked after day 1 that there were heaps of lessons to learn.
  2. The first few weeks are going to be tough - he was riding with icicles on his beard yesterday. Understand that if he left it later to start the last month would be too hot, but jeees....
  3. I usually simplify the food I intake for 24 hours prior, simple cereals, sandwich etc and switch to white carbs from multigrain/whole meal. That theory is to remove risk of upset stomach and improve chances on a clean out on race morning. Dinner is a tub of microwave rice, 2 tins of tuna and half an avocado with tonnes of salt. Easily repeatable in hotel rooms. Breakfast usually is a banana or a rice cake sandwich with PB and honey. I’ve never had any issues since I started that. I usually aim for taper week to continue with the same volume of food intake, the f
  4. In addition Sparke Helmore was on in Newy. Also a lot of cost were shared around their trail run australia series of races on the Sunday. Around 700 runners on Sunday alone. That’s what I was doing.
  5. All of this has happened. He now swims squad in Arizona, with Heather Jackson amongst others. He has also identified that gold was a distraction, and now doesn’t play regularly. He also has been training for a year with DTD again, who coached him to his podium in Kona. The results of this partnership so far are a 5k PB, Canadian hour record, and 4th in Daytona off the back of the first 2 efforts. Very interested to see how he goes this year, with another year of DTD and focused, regular squad swimming.
  6. This is as legitimate as the x2 breaking2 efforts. Both of those were huge media events promoting long distance running to main stream media and plenty of eyeballs who had never seen or cared about a marathon. The difference this time is it’s being promoted and funded by a philanthropist who approached Macca for ways to help junior sport participation. They created ph3onix, and are using this sub7/sub8 as an awareness tool. For the breaking 2 attempts it was a chemical manufacturer and a shoe maker with a dodgy history of sweat shops... Id say this is overall a good thing for th
  7. COVID will spread through an Olympic village bubble faster than the STDs usually do.
  8. There’s a real concern that the rollover model will end up with a lot of companies going under. With multiple events being rolled multiple times, all planning, marketing, staff costs etc are being spent multiple times as well without additional revenue. Seeing events start to sell with refunds as opposed to rollovers I think will start to appear, and a tightening around rollovers as well. At least for events that are being sold during covid, not before.
  9. Yeah the Giant deal was signed after the 70.3 event. He spoke about him and/or a mate trying to get the brakes working prior to nice but couldnt. I think at that stage he was just another ITU racer with no money, so it might not be a simple a spending all the cash knowing he had only used the bike once before, and likely never would again.
  10. Iden stated on the Greg Bennet Pod that the reason he rode the road bike at Nice was that his TT bike didnt have fully functioning brakes. He had ridden it at another 70.3 that I presume was Bahrain, which essentially didnt need brakes. He stated that if he had 2 fully working bikes he would 100% have used the TT, even with hindsight, and he thinks a TT with lower gearing was the best option. Interesting that the majority of the Tri world think he won it because he was on a roadie, but he himself didnt want to ride, it, and still think a TT was a better option.
  11. Gustav has stated his short term focus is Tokyo, as soon as that event finishes all focus is on Kona. The only way he would do an ironman prior to Kona is if the Olympics are cancelled or postponed. I dont think he can win on debut, but those Norwegians sure do some Ks in training - its almost like fast long course training for olympic distance. I think he will be a lot more competitive than most debutants...
  12. You’ve basically outlined the difference between an introvert and an extrovert. People do things for different reasons and outcomes, Just because it doesn’t mesh with everyone else’s aims doesn’t make it invalid.
  13. James Lawrence aka Iron cowboy has just announced his 100/100 program. All on one course in Utah. Starts on March 1st. People can nitpick all they like, but this stuff is awesome.
  14. I’m expecting the Iron Cowboy to announce this within a week. 100/100. He’s been pushing the fact his biggest challenge starts in about 2 months from now.
  15. Did a self supported 50 miler on the Great North Walk last week, chose a pretty technical section that mirrors one of the GNW Ultra courses.. cranked out in 14 hours and home for dinner with the kids. Great way to sign off from 2020z
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