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  1. Only a few weeks to 29th edition of Hell of the West - Goondiwindi. There used to be a big group of tranies race out here, please come back. The Goondiwindi region like most of Oz are in crippling drought at moment! but the river is still looking great for the hotw swim and things are gearing up for another great event. So get a group of mates together and do a road trip out here and race a tough-fair- old school race in a community that loves their event and all you crazy triathletes. Then stay and join in the fun with all the organising crew from GOONDIWINDI tri club . 8-9th Feb www.helloft
  2. Race enteries will stay open until 2nd Feb so have time to sort some accom got a great field but another 50 and we will have the place rocking . Perfect prep race for IMNZ . Get HOTW done well you are ready for IM .
  3. I agree with tough timing - we need to move HOTW and TCE further apart . HOTW has been start feb for 27yrs so sorry it stays , put TCE at end March perfect prep for IM port and then there is Hundy in Nov + HOTW feb and TCE in March you could do all those races for not much more then 1 70.3 Ironman branded race - And they are well positioned as lead up races to the big Ironman busso/NZ/Port . ALL GREAT RACES IN OWN RIGHT but they need about 300+ to make them work well.
  4. Agree with goughy regards hotw . hotw have been start of FEB for 27yrs . HOTW had to move back a week to 10th accomodate longer school holidays . All the race orgsnisers are parents or teachers and was too stressfull to start school year then put race on that weekend . TCE do there’s on tides but we would love to see TCE move back to late feb or better still March so you guys can do both !! TA should look at race scheduling and make sure races are spread . To help there TOs and race organisers . We don’t want to loose any more local races .
  5. I might be bias but try - 28 years of history , run by gundy tri club , community event , friendly locals , cheapest race around, unique location, Great pro race , good old pub party after wards with all the crew and non-for profit . you do it once you will be back . Watch this to get the feel or check out our reviews on Facebook. Good luck at TCE see you next year 😉
  6. “LOCK UP YOUR PUFF” - The 28th edition of Goondiwindi Tri club HELL OF THE WEST entries are open. Race day is 10th Feb 2019 Get great early bird prices $180 for Half distance, includes great race goodies, cap, and finisher towel. A proper cotton one that will fit around the Clydesdale’s. And fantastic new withdrawal policy for all you higly tuned triathletes that are likely to pull a heart string, sorry I mean hamstring. Eg - Up to 95% refund if you are early bird entrant and have to withdraw before cutoff on 27th Jan 2019. Early bird ends 14th oct. This is a old school com
  7. HOTW


    Thanks speedysteve, HOTW and tweed one week apart and both with worlds points🤔 and heaps doing shorter stuff for GC worlds . Oh well means I got to share the podium with you so I’m stoked 👍🏻. And geez they all missed a cracker . Also we had 260 compete on super Saturday events so we are all happy. We love putting this race on and only have to put enough $ in the bank to roll it out next year . The rest goes back to volunteer groups. So bring on 2019 se you next year
  8. HOTW


    Stays for some beers and go monday 🍻 Missing a lot of Australia if don’t travel west . Please keep coming to race in the west 👍🏻
  9. HOTW


    Only reason we changed in course was to keep us from crossing a road and having to stop traffic . Nothing soft about 20k on cement. Well done one win speedysteve
  10. HOTW entries extended till Friday give me a message if keen to enter , got but accom up sleeve (right above the after party) . Come on up you won’t be disappointed . Good prep for port
  11. HOTW


    Yes teams available , just email admin@hellofthewest.com can help find people if need another team member for any legs . Also introducing Saturday events this year that includes 5-10km run and enticer and kids tri
  12. HOTW


    Thanks Al , and the hotw needs the support of all you trannies ( grass roots triathletes), our numbers are reducing under the pressure of destination races where you get a down stream swim or a large draft pack on hot mix . We need your support, this is a race run by Goondiwindi tri club under nearly full volunteers steam . We get great local support, in a friendly town that are actually over the moon to have crazy triathletes visit our town . There are plenty of athletes on this site that have raced with us before and we appreciate your support , Al been doing it for quarter of a c
  13. HELL OF THE WEST is still open, it officially shuts at midnight tonight. We are approaching 500 competitors which is where accomodation gets really tight . If you want to enter but are having trouble securing accomodation please message me and I will see what I can find, or we will hold a position for you until work something out. Cracking pro and AG field so come and join the fun. Www.hellofthewest.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Great couple years Gundy , but get serious you won't service your bike, you will just upgrade again !! And you forgot all you SUP km [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Get you a media pass if you want roxii !!! [emoji1][emoji1] delly carr is coming too !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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