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  1. Keithh


    I believe the water acts as a lubricant between the sharp object and the tyre. I reckon 80% of my punctures are from wet weather.
  2. Keithh


    Maxxis Refuse have good puncture resistance and are not expensive. They don’t look cool next to the Contis but you can’t tell when they are spinning around.
  3. I have the Speedil on a P2 54cm. You can fill on the go from normal bidons. It doesn’t take much suction to have a drink once you get it started, the liquid stays in the tube right behind the bite valve between drinks. The tube has insulation and an integrated wire so you can bend it to the shape you like. It would probably fit most frame sizes. I can measure it if you like.
  4. 80 odd ks at the Muzz crit track on my tt bike followed by a run lap. The council cut the grass yesterday and it rained overnight so my bike and legs were covered in grass and grit.
  5. Raby Bay tri super sprint yesterday in the middle of the east coast low. Lots of squalls made the bike interesting and the roundabouts were nobody’s friend. Slow and steady through those and don’t touch the front brake ! There was still a big turnout of participants but a lot less spectators than usual. It was my first tri in over a year and I was expecting heat but the rain and wind kept it cool.
  6. I have only ever had issues with Garmins. There are other brands out there which are more reliable and less mainstream. Don’t buy what everyone else buys just because you want to buy that (and dc rainmaker said so). Assess it for yourself. Why would a company make a HRM strap which chafes the majority of people who wear it ? Garmin fail. Consider : Wahoo; Suunto; Polar.
  7. Perhaps it’s time for you Garmin sycophants to try a different brand....
  8. Keithh

    Winter Gloves

    Sealskinz are good. They have seen me through a couple of winters commuting to work. Always dry even when it is pouring down and have longish cuffs which you can fit under your waterproof jacket to shingle the water off. Edit to say I’ve been commuting to work with them in Vancouver for a couple of years where it rains everyday in winter.
  9. I have a sleeveless wetsuit. Mach2 from Dare2Tri. I’ve used for IM Cairns, various races in SEQ, many outings with Grimseys and Eneggora dam and a couple of tris in Vancouver. When I know it will be cool I use a long sleeve compression top with it. In hindsight I could have gone for a sleeved suit but think the extra shoulder mobility may help me. My right shoulder can sublux occasionally so it helps with that. The other advantage of a sleeveless suit is it is much easier to get off when exiting the water.
  10. A 3.5k swim with Grimsey’s at Redcliffe this morning. Lovely flat conditions and a fairly small group because of GCM.
  11. 2600m in the pool with the pull buoy. I broke one of the bones in my pelvis a week and a half ago ( fell of the bike) so I haven't done anything since then. It was a pleasure to do something active even though I looked a bit strange getting in the pool off my crutches.
  12. Specialized Romin on the road bike and ISM attack on the TT. Needs some adjustment to hang off the front on the TT
  13. It was good actually, a little breezy on the bike which worked well on the run.
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