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  1. Of what, the race or the root?
  2. OMG..What was he thinking? There is only one thing worse in Australia than being racist, that's calling or suggesting someone or something is racist.
  3. I'll be there, but don't let that turn you off.
  4. Not swooping but i saw one fair dinkum taking a shower! There was a sprinkler running on low, a foot high at the most, and it was standing directly under it, shaking it's head a bit, and enjoying the early summer!
  5. & not only that my local BigW has just remodled and is encouraging drafting at the checkouts! There is only one queue for the entire checkout area!
  6. Oncewas

    TDF09 - Stage 12

    Didn't anyone see the Roadkill? Looked like a big blotch of blood on the road & a dead dog. It looked like a little terrier dog or something, wonder how many points they got for hitting it?
  7. No comment on hoax or not, but having lived in Katoomba for a fair few years, i can tell you the fog in winter is so thick you would not be able to see your own nose in it.
  8. OMG, wash your mouth out you filthy pig..... my opinion of you just dropped a notch.
  9. KP, finally found it, did you mate?
  10. Oncewas


    Krueziger, put that one in the note book for the next time i enter velogames tipping. & Try not to forget to add Cancellara
  11. Oncewas


    Oh yeah, of course! Tony Martin? Don't know anything about this bloke, not up for it? Also Mr Sastre been very very quiet, be nice to see him go beserk.
  12. Oncewas


    Really? Wasn't he supposed to be the HTC/Columbia GC man? I have vague memory's that he doesn't go up hills to bad.
  13. Is that what they call it these days? So he is an expert at "shit stirring" then?
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