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  1. Yeah have a good one muscles
  2. Nearly 1000 posts! Keep going people WOOOOOOOO
  3. 2.5km swim 5x500 avg 1:57 Paddles and bouy
  4. Apologies for all the double posts. Trying to get a handle on the S7 after years on iPhone
  5. 1hr Trainer Road this morning Heart rate doesn't get above 105 for a month. That's my rule on the bike and "run" #shuffling
  6. fitfastfat977


    Yeah it's not easy. But I start work at 5:30 and have Dad commitments in the afternoons so if I miss the morning window of opportunity I end up with big holes in the calendar. My weekends to myself are just training and sleep and housework. My weekends with my daughter are exactly that.... 2:45 wake up, long trainer set then upload etc, stretch, shower then 110% focus on my daughter.(with a glance or two at Trannies) I want to be have a good crack at a race one day and over time I think it will happen. Like they say.... More upper cuts, fewer pats on the back. Get it done. [emoji106]
  7. fitfastfat977


    I'm 39 going 40...? [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1]
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