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  1. https://games.crossfit.com/announcement/11228/games This should be interesting.
  2. This bike is available for purchase. Has only been out on Road twice, and been used a handful of times on indoor trainer. Likely done no more than 200km. Includes Pedals, Cages. Saddle has been changed to a Specilized OURA RBX Expert Gel Saddle $1200 PICK UP FROM OYSTER BAY - SUTHERLAND SHIRE ONLY. For women who live to compete, whether it's a local crit or a city-line sprint with the weekend group the Amira Comp offers a light, stiff FACT carbon frame with women's-tuned geometry for optimal fit and performance, plus lightweight, TURN Zayante crank, high-performance Shimano
  3. podster1

    Aero position

    How much easier would you say running off a Tri Bike would be to running off a Road Bike? On HIM to full IM? Is the difference that noticeable.?
  4. INCLUDES New Cee Gee Pads Xlab Super Wing - Read Double Bottle Mount + 2 Cages - One is Gorilla XT Seat is Specialized Power - But have the Original Sitero Seat and ISM PN1.1 available to Swap if needed. ** Doesn't include the bottom compartment, gel holder, or the Hydration Unit Bag that fits into the frame. Though im sure you can purchase these elsewhere. PRICE - $2000 - Pick Up Only Sutherland Shire Area, Sydney. Specifications 'FRAME Specialized FACT 10r carbon, FACT IS construction, crosswind-optimised airfoils, 1-1/8" lower bearin
  5. 1716 - Russell - 45+ . You will likely lap him. He will likely be walking the Marathon.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Will have a think about this. My friend is doing Ironman Wales this weekend on a Roadie, a Tarmac Its his second Ironman.. Lets see how he goes. He doesnt have a TT bike so i guess the decision was easier for him. Its a Hilly Course, so i think the decision for this one is alot easier.
  7. Just feels ackward, not natural, like my body is struggling to hold it. Like if i was holding a stretch. So i guess stiff. Pedalling doesnt feel like a natural movement. I can still do it, but its just not fun. it feels false. Im going to be on again tomorrow and another one at the weekend. Will follow a programme for 6 weeks so 18 sessions. By then i think i will know where i am at. Hopefully, Thanks for your reply.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Worried about being in the aero position as it was just not fun. Saddles - Started with the Sitero, felt like being on a plank of wood, tried the ISM Adamo/PN1.1, Cobb Saddles, just didnt work. Im now on a Specilized Power saddle, which is great on my road bike and so far is the only saddle not to give me numbness. Had many fits, from the Specilized apprroved one, retul, and finally with someone that was old skool and could tell as soon as i got on it wasnt right. I think i will just keep it going and see if its just from not being in the positon and not riding for so lon
  9. After getting back on my TriBike after a 6 month break. Last race being Husky long course. I dont think after a number of fits, saddles etc, i have ever been really comfortable on it. More put up with it. After doing a trainer set last night. Where i was more worried about being in the aero poistion than actually the hard set, i thought maybe i should sell. Its a Shiv 2015 with stock wheels. Whats people thoughts on selling this and just going Aero bike route. What would be the difference really between a Shiv with stock wheels, vs say a Venge/S3 with carbon wheels over a 70.3 or even
  10. Im currently using a Sitero, I find the Sitero a bit wide and very painful when not in aero position.Has anyone used a Specillized Power Saddle with any success on a Tri Bike?
  11. podster1


    I ordered a Garmin watch from them recently, Emailed said shipped etc,but the australian post updates didnt really change, arrived about 3 weeks later, Will use again.
  12. podster1

    Wahoo Kickr

    Yes, it is. Ive had a Jet Black z1, Bkool and ended up with Kickr. Ive wasted money, trying to go for the cheap options and ended up spending alot more. The only pain i have is getting the Tri wheel on and off, but for winter its lived on the trainer. Everytime i have gone back to the roads after extended time on the trainer, i have always seen big gains. I havent tried this with Zwift, but i'm using this with Trainer Road which is excellent.
  13. Like it was mentioned, needed more helmets, bars, seats, gadgets etc. I went and paid, more to support it. And would support it again next year. I think it needs to be linked to the main fitness expo, not sure if it can be supported on its own. Like my wife said, there were more/better stalls at the Husky long course.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking more about the third party, not my bike. For example i go into a $300k car, or i cause an accident, And then loaded with a massive bill for damages. I have TA, sound like i should get CA as well. I have income protection already.
  15. I have a question, hope someone can advice. Ive seens posts around clubs, TA, accidents recently etc. My question - What cover if any does that provide if there is an incident on road. If i clash with a car, am i covered for damages/injuries? Damage to the car ? If riding with a group etc? Are their good third parties for insurance i should consider.? I cant seem to find a clear answer here. Thanks.
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