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  1. Fair point. Guess we have to trust management to do the right thing
  2. Such a sceptical view turts. You probably also think this sort of behaviour would happen with property developments, investment companies, startups....oh wait.
  3. I’ll sign up early for races I plan on doing. All race organisers including IM must be hugely hurting. I’ve got a stable job and can afford to bring forward payment. Would normally leave it late but my view is now to give the organisers some certainty. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to know that Kenneth is rolling around again.
  4. Have a great race all. I’ll yell out to any tranny caps, but sorry to say mine was one of the many things I forgot this weekend 😂
  5. Sitting on your backpack, ex, that’s hilarious. Hope someone saw and got a chuckle out of it. Despite knowing the terror caused to the person on the bike, it always brings a smile to my face to see a magpie in pursuit. Postie, even better. I’m still adamant that the city magpies have nothing on the country highway magpies. They wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the bush
  6. So...rollcall? 673 M35-39 Kenneth
  7. Correct. Also not in nz - how many will commit to flying to US?
  8. Are you signed up to zwiftpower toolish? There’s some good info on there about where you are and you get an ‘almost c’ notation next to your grade when pushing the limit.
  9. Naut, I hadn’t read this thread as thought it was im virtual racing. But zwift related which I am absolutely loving lately. I’ve mainly been doing the group rides in tour for all, will ride the surrey hill version probably on Saturday. I’ve been having a go at the SRAM send it races. Every Tuesday evening for another 6 weeks, think 6:30 for women and 7:10 for men. It’s open to all categories and aimed at aussies, think some of the national pro teams are involved. It’s one of the most horrible 30-40 minute experiences known to man
  10. Thanks gplama for your notes on Apple TV with recent update. Was doing my head in! I liked the previous version better where devices could be shared between Apple TV and linked through companion. That way if phone runs out of battery, I was only dropping hr.
  11. I haven’t changed it from 50% either. From what I’ve read they’ve done that not so much to make the ups easier but the downs harder. As in most people are using the trainer for a workout, if trainer set to 100% then you’d spin out the downhill. The other thing to watch out for is getting dropped from groups on the downhill. With settings less than 50% then the roads are getting pretty ‘flat’ so higher resistance downhill, hence higher power output possible. Uphill speed is determined by w/kg (must be relative to gradient though?) so it doesn’t matter what setting your trainer is, mi
  12. It’s even less due to overlapping circles? 🤔
  13. Kenneth


    Completely agree with this. And they had a second chance after seeing the impact in China a couple of months ago. It was obvious China had a plan when they could build their hospitals so quickly.
  14. Kenneth


    Happy to report cov negative. What a waste of isolation 😀
  15. Kenneth


    Yeah I have thought that but fark it’s a big call to drink the kool aid. Or you want to get it towards the end when the medical response has had plenty of practice. You just don’t want to get it at the same time as everyone else.
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