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  1. I lasted 5 minutes, and only because I was waiting for the punchline.
  2. Not according to evidence: An airplane cabin is probably one of the most secure conditions you can be in,” says Sebastian Hoehl of the Institute for Medical Virology at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany, who has co-authored two papers on COVID-19 transmission on specific flights, which were published in JAMA Network Open and the New England Journal of Medicine, respectfully. Still, a handful of case studies have found that limited transmission can take place onboard. One such investigation of a 10-hour journey from London to Hanoi starting on March 1 found that 15 people were likely
  3. Apparently they were looking at this last year, but when the community transmissions was practically zilch they shelved it as an option.....
  4. As a queenslander I will not be booking any queensland holidays due to concern over snap lock downs. I had 2 friends who were due to fly north on Saturday and swear blind they will not be booking any holidays. Day trips from now on.
  5. be afraid, be very afraid. The mummy mafia puts politicians in the shade when it comes to back stabbing.... It is, actually, a perfect breeding ground for future politicians.....
  6. So AP announced today that tourism was off the agenda and there will be no tourism for the foreseeable future. But Cricket is OK. 🤷‍♀️ Who writes her stuff?
  7. I was laughing, then thought about it and it made me sad, because it is not that far fetched. Maybe I need a holiday.
  8. He's a national party politician so he's probably been talking to small business, specifically hospitality who are finding it almost impossible to get casual staff as their target employees are earning more on JobKeeper.
  9. even allowing for journalistic hyperbole, it is kind of appalling: From the Australian today: we will never if know if any cases of COVID-19 were prevented by Victoria’s knee-jerk closure of its borders with less than 36 hours’ notice in the middle of the Christmas break. However, we do know that of all the bad ways to stop a pandemic, this was one of the worst. The misery, uncertainty and frustration caused to thousands of Victorians was bad enough; the bureaucratic omni-shambles only made it worse. Most serious of all was the suspension of basic freedoms under Victoria’s
  10. Better yet - a return ticket to the overseas destination of your choice 😄
  11. Plus 3 returned travellers
  12. Community - close contacts
  13. I'm a bit concerned about the knowledge base of our CMO. she stated clearly that this UK strain has only just been detected in the last month ! It was first detected in September last year. In November nearly a quarter of all cases in the UK were of this variant. This article from the BBC is quite good.: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55388846
  14. I’m not embarrassed- being an idiot is not a state based phenomenon. Likewise, just as many normal people here as elsewhere. Drove to the shopping centre at Toowong last night on the way home from work. (I’m a daily shopper as I never know what I want for dinner) Plenty of parking. It was about 5ish and maybe 80 percent of people I saw had masks on. Plenty of fresh fruit and veges on the shelves. Butcher was well stocked as well. Didn’t go into coles but glanced in and no queues. On the drive home I saw several runners with masks on. My daughter took the dog for a walk at the local do
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