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  1. Ok, that's it!...I want a new bike now! 😬 Any recommendation for a road/gravel bike let's say up to $3k? (assuming there's still bike in stock) Also has anyone used bicyclesonline.com.au? I've never heard of Polygon or Marin bikes but the prices look pretty good.
  2. Harder as in you use more fuel/energy perhaps..?
  3. Yes, and you're right it's pretty annoying but I got used to it ...anyway I think the TT is out of the question now. Really starting to like the idea of a new bike, even mentioned it to the wife and she didn't protest... I can try it on Monday I suppose and see how much slower it is and also how buggered I'll be. 23km on it won't be fun..
  4. Yeah, i has crossed my mind but probably not ...at least not for now
  5. Haha, the word "stupidity" comes in mind. But I'm glad it's not just me or my breaks.
  6. I work with clients so might only work like 3-5hrs back to back and then sometimes up to 2hr break
  7. Haha yes, you're not wrong! I start every day around 5:30am and twice a week finish at 8pm so I'd like to make the commute as least painful as possible
  8. Yes to both. On the way back from work its mostly all up (at least that's what it feels like) and it's pretty heavy.
  9. Yeah, that's exactly it. I just wasn't sure if it was just me and the breaks or all the tri bikes are the same.
  10. I'd say the weight - I'm not sure exactly but I'd say the hybrid is at least 5kg heavier. I've already changed the tyres to thinner ones, in fact the front wheel is newish and thinner but I could still go thinner I believe
  11. Oh great, one more bike to add to the list haha. I haven't even thought of cx bike, but I like the idea
  12. First of all, I hope everyone is doing well during these challenging times - I haven't really been on the forum for almost year now. Seems like there's been a few changes. I want to start commuting to work on a bike (it's about 23km each way) mostly on Pacific Hwy, but have a little dilemma. I have a tri bike (6 year old Shiv) and a hybrid (which would take probably double the time). I've never really felt that safe riding the tri bike on busy roads, but I've never ridden a road bike (just MTB or Tri). But I also don't really want so spend much money on a new bike (under $1k would b
  13. Torn

    BIG Husky 2020

    Yes, I do have to agree. Especially at the other end where my bike was.
  14. Torn

    BIG Husky 2020

    I had a good race and great weekend with family in Husky! Shame it was “ruined” by not having my wetsuit at the transition when I went to pick my bike up after the race. If you hear about anyone that came back from Husky with 2 wetties instead of one please let me know. Although I have a bad feeling it was already gone when I finished the bike leg - might be completely wrong though
  15. Torn

    BCAA experiences

    I'm pretty sure BCAAs are complete waste of time, especially for endurance. Just make sure you have enough protein in your diet or drink some protein shake (there's enough BCAAs)
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