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  1. I'll admit my extreme bias on this one as Im a member of SBTC, but the last begineers course went really well, people of all shapes and sizes did it, some never really ridden a bike others 70.3 finishers but wanting to start from scratch, and at only $120 for the 6 weeks its a great price. not sure how many spots are left though, pretty sure they limited it to 20
  2. Am doing bribie and more than likely all of the races in the series, what is the series gift? is it worth paying for the series if I only end up doing 3 of the races?
  3. I was the rider who came off on the bump. Actually smacked into the TO motorbikes wing mirror after trying to dodge the bump and passing a few slower riders, I cant believe that on the bridge being so thin and especially after that bump they put another obstacle in the middle of the road. helmet was smashed but thankfully the bike was ok and only a few weeks off with a bruised rib
  4. same thing happened this year at the last race of the gatorade series in brisbane, i think they had onions beside the finishing chute as i wasnt the only one with watery eyes
  5. how does the average athlete do this, like i am far from an athlete but 180-27 is 153, for me to run its usually 170-190. i dont even know if I could do much more than a walk at 153
  6. thanks for the advice everyone, after looking at the websites I feel that I may contact SBTC, however I do like the Redpups idea as my daughter is only a few years off being able to start so I will keep them in mind also
  7. Its coming up to July first and I am about to choose my first tri club, I have only done a few small distance tri's but i plan on going long soon. How important is it to choose the right club. I live Just south of the city (brisbane) so there are alot near me and i just cant figure out which club to join. Should I be looking more at their training schedules as i can only train during the week? Should i be looking for one that focuses more on going long as it is very different to the shorter distances? Or is there something else I should be paying more attention to to help me decide?
  8. kiwiinbris

    The Runsie

    That cant seriously be for guys as well?
  9. If were going all the way until August then there is also the Stradboke island tri festival on 22-23 of august
  10. Today was a really good race, really good to see the girl with Autism finish the kids race
  11. is there any reason would would be looking at an S series Cervelo over a P series, as I am starting to look into a new (or second hand bike and I think i'm possibly in love with the idea of getting a P3)
  12. My tomtom measured 4.6 so yeah short run
  13. Or having an abn number
  14. this sounds like a great idea, I would love to have some help me through the unknown
  15. Thanks for the advice, i reckon i work on myself before i get the bike unless I get a good bonus at work that would cover the cost
  16. Im only new to tri and I know the biggest difference is made by the person powering the bike I am training for my first 70.3 at the end of the year, currently when riding i average 30km/h on the flat on a basic road bike (with aero clipons) If I upgraded to a basic tri bike (seen a well priced secondhand Look 496 with FSA components) how much would this help, are we talking 5% 10% 20% increase in speed/ efficiency or would it not really make much of a difference until I improve my fitness and power output
  17. 95KG aiming for 85 by Challenge GC
  18. I agree, I am only new to the sport but have always respected the idea of triathlon and the athletes who can complete it, the ability to complete all 3 disciplines in one go, my first tri was at bribie where there was a guy in his 80s who completed the short course, he got a standing ovation from all who were there at the end, what an inspiration so not only do you respect someone who is an inspiration but you respect those who show it
  19. Well on the plus side, at least the car didn't try and swerve to miss the roo and run straight over her
  20. im loving it, I haven't tested it against any other HR monitors for accuracy but it seems to be pretty close. when I was comparing this vs the 910xt it seemed to have similar features but not have to use the HR strap. Very handy graphs to measure performance and with cadence sensor for the bike it gives me a great range of info for a good price point (<$500 including cadence sensor) I am also a fan of it syncing with my phone without it having to be plugged in so I never have to put effort into syncing it the only downsides for me are *it isn't accurate during swimming a
  21. does anyone have much experience using the wrist mounted HR Monitors (I just recently bought the TomTom Multisport Cardio) would this not be better, to eliminate the HR strap and associate chaffing problems? (Im a Newb to the sport so sorry if this is a bit of a Newb question)
  22. wouldnt you want to go with red laces so they go faster?
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