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  1. Thanks for the response. Hopefully Batemans bay will go ahead as well. Thanks again.
  2. Just planning the 21/22 season. Does anybody know if the Sydney multisport festival or the tri Batemans bay events are going ahead next year. Love the classic and ultimate distances. Thanks.
  3. Has anybody heard whether or not the Batemans Bay tri will go ahead. It is run by elite energy. Not sure of the numbers in the event. It is scheduled for March28
  4. Not really sure I ever reached my full potential but as I’m turning 50 in 2020 I am resetting my pb’s over every distance this new year. I’m sure I’ll still be well short of my potential but at least I can break my pattern of disappointing results in comparison to past performances. Maybe as you age you may get closer to your potential just by finishing. Or maybe you’re just an old slow guy trying to stay positive. Who knows? Good food got thought though.
  5. I’ve downloaded a few sprint training plans and think that 50 minutes training per day with a 2 hour weekend ride is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for the advice. It’s sprints for me for the foreseeable future. Can’t wait. Thanks again.
  6. I have been doing Ironman and 70.3 for about 10 years no longer have the motivation to get out the door for any long miles and my body is breaking down. Just wondering what would be more fulfilling move to cycling or concentrate on short course such as the hills series or sprints and Olympic at the elite energy events. What do you think? Ps I am 49 years old and nowhere near ready to stop training or setting goals
  7. I wouldn’t bet against him, the guys a tough as hell legend. I hope he kills it and sets a new standard for head to head battles. Can’t wait
  8. A mate wants me to do the convict. Can anyone tell me how hard it is please. It’s my first mtb race (came from tri) are the 44k or the 68k good options or should I bite the bullet and attempt the 100. Thanks
  9. Never ridden this loop but want to start. WILL I GET LOST? How easy is it to follow and repeat the 10k loop. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. I'm in. We should support anyone that wants to put on new and interesting races on my opinion.
  11. Emo thankyou for your reply. I will pencil the Husky race in.
  12. Does anybody know if the long course weekend that was mentioned on this forum earlier in the year is still a go. Sounds like a great event. Just wondering.
  13. Emo. Thanks for your quick reply. I just turned 45 and words like adventure and challenge excite me more than race and PB. Plus I did a few im's a few years back and they put me in a hole. This race will give me cause to do the long training which I love without the bricks, intervals and transitions which I hate. Plus a soft landing on race weekend is what I love about elite energy events. C u there.
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