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  1. I haven't been riding much, so I'm doing the trail run that they're doing on the Saturday. The ride looks great, but each year I never seem to get organised to do it.
  2. I've used Pushys heaps over the years and they've always been great. As a new one for me, I used ASG Store last week to buy a couple of boxes of gels. Their Oz store is in SE QLD, price was good, and delivery was overnight... so from my one experience with them, they've been perfect. I'm not sure how long they've been around, but I haven't come across them before.
  3. Our dog was one of the family and lived his life as such. Morning and afternoon walks/bushwalks every day, lived inside and slept on the bed. Breakfast and dinner was a choice of chicken/steak/mince plus veggies. There was always a side of dry pet food, as well. He was super fit, happy, and relaxed.
  4. bRace

    Coeliac disease

    @beginnergirl, wow, that is a tough and traumatic way to find out you have the condition. There definitely seems to be a lot more food options/alternatives around now, than what there would have been years ago, so I'm grateful for that. @KieranRdoes your son have bad reactions if there is some cross contamination in his food, or is your vigilance as a precaution? As a parent, I would find managing a condition like this for my son very stressful, so well done to you. The more I read I feel as though I'm getting off lightly, given my lack of any outward, obvious symptoms.
  5. bRace

    Run Dynamics

    I love looking at my data and the Garmin HRM-run is the latest gadget I've bought too. Note, I'm just an enthusiastic amateur, but I approach my running from a general goal of being 'light and smooth'. This generally equates to higher cadence, short ground contact time, low vertical oscillation %. But, I think it's all relative to the individual, to a degree. As an example, I'm quite tall and have long legs, so cadence over about 170 is uncomfortable (ie not smooth) for me. If you haven't already done it (mainly because it's interesting for data nerds) I recommend doing a few runs a
  6. bRace

    Coeliac disease

    That's encouraging. I haven't had any issues with any food, which is good. Strangely one of my concerns is that after following a GF diet for a while, I might actually start to get some of the more obvious reactions if I have any gluten.
  7. bRace

    Coeliac disease

    Mine was picked up somewhat inadvertently in an endoscopy, with biopsy showing atrophied villi. I've subsequently had blood tests to establish some baseline figures to check improvement against in the future. So, no testing to confirm diagnosis, as such. Apart from low iron (which led to the endoscopy), I haven't had any real symptoms despite my heavily gluten-centric eating habits. In hindsight, I had some fatigue and the occasional bloated feeling, but nothing bad or anything that couldn't be attributed to some other cause. Certainly nothing like symptoms that some people describe.
  8. bRace

    Coeliac disease

    Just reviving an old thread, due to an out of the blue diagnosis of coeliac disease. I'm still gathering info, but I don't personally know anyone that has it to ask them some more practical questions. One question I have is how pedantic/careful people are (or have to be) regarding cross contamination. The position of Coeliac association, my dietitian, various blogs, etc make it sound as though even the slightest exposure is catastrophic. I was diagnosed by biopsy, but haven't actually had any adverse, acute symptoms at any point. I understand people avoiding even small exposure if they ex
  9. About $500 split across three events. All have been rescheduled, which I'm doing, but there was an option for each to take the refund.
  10. I've got a new Garmin HRM Run as well and haven't had an issue. I do wet it prior to going out if it's particularly dry and windy, though. I still wear my old Garmin HRM when riding (just haven't got around to pairing my new one to my bike computer). I get a lot of spikes and consistently high readings if I'm wearing a slightly loose jersey that flaps/rubs against it. If I'm wearing a tighter jersey there's no problem.
  11. Or even worse... having those thoughts while treading water halfway around the course, like I expect I'd be doing 😀
  12. Last actual non-tri event was SEQ Trail Series at Hinze Dam in March 2020. I did the Gold Coast 5k, 10k, and half marathon virtual races in July, if that counts.
  13. Mooloolaba 2020, on the last weekend before things started shutting down. Nothing special time wise for me, but a great weekend and enjoyable race.
  14. Yep, as far as I know. They got the tick a few days ago according to their FB announcement. I'm still holding off registering until closer to the date, in case the situation here changes.
  15. I'm in QLD and planning to race GC Running Festival in a few weeks and probably some of the QTS races following that. Currently, QLD has low case numbers, closed borders, and it's tentatively looking like we might avoid the escalation being experienced by those down south. But, if that changes, I would probably not race. All going well with continued low numbers, I'm comfortable that I won't be mingling and will have minimal contact with anyone/anything. For a bigger and busier event like Noosa, I'd be watching the infection numbers closely, but might still consider it.
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