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  1. I'm noting that no matter how careful I am, I'm not avoiding putting small chips in the chain stays when putting my Trek Speed Concept in and out of my Tacx Neo trainer. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations as to suitable chain stay protectors - hopefully specific to the speed concept but any recommendation welcome. Other methods to prevent damaging the carbon frame appreciated (short of "just get a dedicated trainer bike!").
  2. Oh, nice - She's in my triclub actually but wasn't aware she'd done an interview. I don't know her very well - actually not really at all - but I know she's pretty good at this triathlon stuff even though she's only fairly recent to the sport.
  3. 99 Bikes can be good with the member discount on occasion. I sometimes use them for cheap kit I want to try on before buying.
  4. dazmuzza

    Le Tour 2020

    Thinknig about it, he's actually a far more complete cyclist than say Sagan (who he is often compared too). Looking at his palmares World CX champ (x3) Can time trial Can win in a bunch sprint Obviously can climb with some of the best. Thats a staggering set of skills. Matthieu Van Den Poel might be a good match - though I haven't seen him in a time trial.
  5. dazmuzza

    Le Tour 2020

    What I think is super interesting about those results is Van Aert smashing some known climbers up the climb. Guy can do everything.
  6. dazmuzza

    Le Tour 2020

    Essentially yes. Really the only thing on show tomorrow will be who can take the sprint. Bennett already got the green jersey too.
  7. Probably most due to the thread being kinda in an out of the way area of the forum. Very easy to not see unless you know where to look.
  8. As usual, this was a really good read !
  9. Good luck all and have fun racing!
  10. I have Oakley Jawbreakers with inserts. They're great. Not cheap, but the jawbreakers have done me about 6 years so far and have not missed a beat. Also have a pair of adidas transistions for early morning. Not as good and the jawbreakers, but do the job.
  11. 100% correct. I've tried to do a half iron off littel training before and while I did complete, it was pretty awful. Rather be in good shape! Don't tempt me
  12. I'm somewhat regretting deferring to next year now that it seems its going ahead. Saying that, I've had little chance to train in the last couple of months anyway due to huge workload etc etc. Good luck to all competing. Will be a great day to be racing thats for sure!
  13. Whats a better alternative then? Income protection insurance + health insurance + Bike insurance?
  14. I've cycled up the Mamore Gap. It's pretty tough and steep. Ideal place to Everest!
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