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  1. dazmuzza

    Byron Bay tri

    Further evidence to support my hypothesis that most people in Byron are complete arseholes.
  2. Not sure how anyone could do the corso that many times. I find it a bit too annoying with the amount of bikes and cars on any given day personally, but I have a very low tolerance for traffic. I used to do the 30k loops out at the end of the centenary highway at Yamanto. Not sure how busy it is nowadays though. I saw this comment k3vski! 🕵️‍♂️😁
  3. Clueless Ironman acting clueless again. You'd think their 'brand' is ripe for the picking. They seem terribly run.
  4. What truck said. The new bike path there is wide and you can easily cycling on stop from the crit track out to deagon without stopping. alternatively just go to the crit track or ride to nudgee beach
  5. That run was brutal. I've done a few hot runs (eg Tweed Coast Enduro a few times in the height of January summer) but it was up there yesterday. Main issue with the run at Moo is the lack of any shade on the run course and the heat you get from the road. Doesn't help when you're starting the run at 10am and the sun is already out in full force!!
  6. Is he even a considered a contender?
  7. Well, they're like the gear old men use 😁 Seriously, the mirror still does mean you have to take your eyes off looking straight ahead - and possibly easy to miss things and unless you mount them on both sides, you won't get the full view. The radar solves most of these...though its way more expensive. I got one though and like it!
  8. Cut fastest female swimmer at Kona in favour of the fastest dude. :D
  9. It's probably as good as every other high end bike for crits. Personally, I'd be getting a much cheaper and older CAAD or Allez frame and racing that. You'd probably be fine. I've found the bunch in crits to be safer than my usual suburban loop with complete randoms.
  10. Didnt even know Cube made TT bikes....so I guess the marketing has already worked.
  11. Ahh yes, Nick Bare. He's not bad. Produces somewhat interesting content. They're often though a smidge too long. I note he's trying to also run a sub 3 hour marathon _before_ he does his ironman. Will be interesting to see if he does it. I believe he used to be a US ranger, which I think requires some kind of incredible amount of cardio fitness (could be wrong here) - so he's not coming to running/triathlon with no background. Oh, have these bookmarked now!
  12. Does anyone follow many non-pro triathletes on youtube? Obviously Triathlon Taren is very well know, but are there any others? Youtube recently suggested this guy to me - TRiathlon Dan. He's just a age grouper in the UK and he posts videos about his training every few days. I don't mind him as he's got a bit of a wry sense of humour and its a fairly easy thing to watch while rolling around on Zwift. He talks about how he structures his training, his diet and other things many other age groupers think about when doing triathlon. He recently tried to train like a pro for a fortnight and ba
  13. Well not exactly. The part about weather/ 'force majeure' in the article above is relevant.
  14. I'm about 7-7.5 hours. Really wish I could get more but my partner tends to go to bed late and sleep in whereas I get up early. Having a partner with different sleep patterns can be a bit challenging for training sometimes Interesting I've seen my sleep volume go up slightly since I stopped drinking a month ago.
  15. Marine Parade is OK, but I'm mostly talking about the conditions in the road parallel to it, just after you go around the round about. Literally huge potholes every where. Drafting at Kingy - well, its never policed and also its usually a large amount of tri beginners there, so I can understand it. Doesnt mean I endorse it though.
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