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  1. Ahh yes, Nick Bare. He's not bad. Produces somewhat interesting content. They're often though a smidge too long. I note he's trying to also run a sub 3 hour marathon _before_ he does his ironman. Will be interesting to see if he does it. I believe he used to be a US ranger, which I think requires some kind of incredible amount of cardio fitness (could be wrong here) - so he's not coming to running/triathlon with no background. Oh, have these bookmarked now!
  2. Does anyone follow many non-pro triathletes on youtube? Obviously Triathlon Taren is very well know, but are there any others? Youtube recently suggested this guy to me - TRiathlon Dan. He's just a age grouper in the UK and he posts videos about his training every few days. I don't mind him as he's got a bit of a wry sense of humour and its a fairly easy thing to watch while rolling around on Zwift. He talks about how he structures his training, his diet and other things many other age groupers think about when doing triathlon. He recently tried to train like a pro for a fortnight and ba
  3. Well not exactly. The part about weather/ 'force majeure' in the article above is relevant.
  4. I'm about 7-7.5 hours. Really wish I could get more but my partner tends to go to bed late and sleep in whereas I get up early. Having a partner with different sleep patterns can be a bit challenging for training sometimes Interesting I've seen my sleep volume go up slightly since I stopped drinking a month ago.
  5. Talk about a massive generalisation. I run 170mm. I like em. Part of the reason I do is due to one leg being shorter than the other. Could easily say "long cranks is a crock of shit" ...which is exactly what you're doing in this thread. Don't know why you've been triggered.
  6. Marine Parade is OK, but I'm mostly talking about the conditions in the road parallel to it, just after you go around the round about. Literally huge potholes every where. Drafting at Kingy - well, its never policed and also its usually a large amount of tri beginners there, so I can understand it. Doesnt mean I endorse it though.
  7. Just checking out the pro lineup, and if there is a winner for best name, it's gotta be "Frederic Funk" from Germany.
  8. I did it. Probably the worst version of Kingy I've done in my 6 years of doing it. It's usually my favourite. Conditions were pretty bad for the bike. But the COVID restrictions seemed a bit over the top eg No bag drop. Volunteers didn't know what was happening. In fairness, can understand the drafting as the bike conditions were really tough and people were getting blown all about. You really had to burn matches sometimes to overtake slower riders. Has the road ever been repaired there? It's still really bad and getting worse (same with Tweed Coast Enduro - seems like t
  9. I'm noting that no matter how careful I am, I'm not avoiding putting small chips in the chain stays when putting my Trek Speed Concept in and out of my Tacx Neo trainer. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations as to suitable chain stay protectors - hopefully specific to the speed concept but any recommendation welcome. Other methods to prevent damaging the carbon frame appreciated (short of "just get a dedicated trainer bike!").
  10. Oh, nice - She's in my triclub actually but wasn't aware she'd done an interview. I don't know her very well - actually not really at all - but I know she's pretty good at this triathlon stuff even though she's only fairly recent to the sport.
  11. 99 Bikes can be good with the member discount on occasion. I sometimes use them for cheap kit I want to try on before buying.
  12. dazmuzza

    Le Tour 2020

    Thinknig about it, he's actually a far more complete cyclist than say Sagan (who he is often compared too). Looking at his palmares World CX champ (x3) Can time trial Can win in a bunch sprint Obviously can climb with some of the best. Thats a staggering set of skills. Matthieu Van Den Poel might be a good match - though I haven't seen him in a time trial.
  13. dazmuzza

    Le Tour 2020

    What I think is super interesting about those results is Van Aert smashing some known climbers up the climb. Guy can do everything.
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