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  1. Love the ranting please don't stop because the truth is getting in the way http://www.triathlon.org.au/Assets/Triathlon+Australia+Digital+Assets/Resources/2013+-+2014+Insurance+documents/1314_Triathon+Australia+Summary+of+Insurance+Cover.pdf
  2. it goes further than that mate. ive watched every syllable since the start. make no mistake. furniss and mclellan are building a case that makes his denial of knowledge of risdale's pedophilia implausiable. he was a consultor in multiple meetings where risdale was moved from parish to parish. it has been established that it was wider public knowledge that risdale offended. risdale had 14 year old paul levey living with him at mortlake presbytery and abused him every day. people knew...pell's answers today were self serving. the more furniss dug the more implausible his denials of knowledge bec
  3. Parky. I now work with Chris Longhurst. His office is adjacent to mine. He strapped me every monday for not doing my maths homework. we can laugh now. He in fact was behind the demise of corporal punishment circa 1985. He said it always pained him and knew it wasnt right.
  4. no...each student in NSW in a Catholic school receives around 7k per annum of government funding - each government school student 9k.
  5. agree with what you say re. motivation to attend a catholic school or be baptised. that is a reality for sure. i empathise with your wife. i have had those experiences that you outlined. faith is a spectrum just like sexuality. not black or white good or evil.
  6. very common now mate. many of my students obtain their religious education qualification to make themselves more employable. plenty of people have their kids baptised to qualify for a catholic school spot. which reinforces the point that the catholic school by and large has a good reputation.
  7. why does your wife continue to work in a catholic school then? i have worked with people in a catholic school who are openly atheist and pretend to pray with the students...i might be mistaken but that is also called hypocrisy. of course you can be in a government education system school and do a wonderful job. its not a binary argument. its about worldview and identity.
  8. Government assimilation policy made it mandatory in the late 19th century. The christian denominations set up missions. The police on behalf of the government took the children away.
  9. Catholics started education in this country - Catholics started hospitals and health care in this country. Catholics were the first to train school teachers and nurses in this country. That tradition continues today.
  10. the Church model as we know it is declining. If you want to measure bums on seats on sundays....not people being baptised Catholics each year. That figure is increasing even though the churches are half empty on the weekend
  11. Being Catholic for many people is tribal. There are 1.7 billion Catholics worldwide. The number is ever increasing despite the cynicism most harbour for the hierarchy A study was done in the US with two separate samples of 25,000 young adults male and female. One group was church going christian and the other group atheist. They were asked the same questions about moral behaviour (pre marital sex, porn, etc etc). Its conclusions were virtually identical - which meant the moral/immoral behaviour of young Americans had nothing to do with their church going patterns or belief systems.
  12. I get your tone and see how you are drawing many issues together. I work in education. School and University. I work with young people mostly. There are 1000s outside in the university quadrangle right now experiencing orientation day to their various courses. All excited and ready to start a journey into teaching, nursing, law etc. The Church is an institution. That institution has many agencies including education. I believe in Catholic education and see it as a vocation. That's what gets me up and to work each day. In Australia we have a thriving Catholic education system. Scho
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