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  1. Then I’ll have to do a ftp test 🤷‍♂️I think it’s set at 270sh I think it’s should be closer to 300. I’m often the weakest link on these big rides so I’m always on the limit.
  2. 175km, 2200m of vert & 4450calories. I think I’m good to eat a couple more donuts.
  3. I’m trying to moderate as best I can. It’s a tough gig to get right.
  4. Lobethal Bakery. Just waiting for the start
  5. If you ever go to Washington make sure u go to the Arlington cemetery. The changing of the guard is worth the trip.
  6. Just when I thought moderating was going to settle down....
  7. Yep I talked to him in port & he seemed ok. It’s a shame he couldn’t post / engage with others on the forum the same way.
  8. yep have fun & enjoy it. My first race was in boardshorts & a rashie.
  9. The bike is better than you. So it won't limit you. Buy it, race it. In two years it will be worth less than 50% of what you are paying for it now. Most crit crashes will damage seat, bar tape, levers etc (you have to be unlucky to destroy the frame) I purchased a BMC SLR01 & decided to buy a cheap frame to race crits on & build it up with secondhand parts. I got a Factor frame, then I couldn't wait to ride it. Put Ultegra Di2 on it & borrowed some wheels from a friend. Loved the bike so much I went out & grabbed my own set of carbon rims, then a new saddle, t
  10. Just talking about this is my cycling group chat. I think it's because I have "exclude zero" turned on in my settings.
  11. Dropped a 17:03 up Norton summit with a 316avg watts. I’m going to get that sub17
  12. Agree, there is a guy on my team who can drop a 12:30 up Norton Summit but can't hold a line in a crit race .He's always off the back & trying to hold on.
  13. Pfft I haven’t washed my own hair in years
  14. We have a 60 year old who is still smashing the bunch.
  15. $1800 2016 Giant Trinity Advanced 105 groupset Mavic Commet Disc. Not sure the brand of the front wheel.
  16. Keep it up & lock this thread aswell
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