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  1. Could say the same about the Trump thread. You don’t have to open the thread if there is no interest to u
  2. A fair request and not hard to follow.
  3. $604 fine for checking strava on your phone while riding
  4. Yes. We passed each other on the down hill section on the bike and I then watched him running to the finish as I was in T2 putting my shoes on.
  5. Pfft I raced against Lance Armstrong in Kona.
  6. Is that the same for age groups?
  7. A guy I know loves his simming. I keep giving him shit because he could have purchased a real race care for less than this cost him.
  8. Sure. Your posts were deleted because they quoted or were part of a thread that was reported multiple times by different people. The topic being discussed was an emotional topic that was sure to ignite emotions from both sides and lead to a circular argument either side wouldn't have backed down on. If you want to call me to discuss in more detail, send me a PM. If you already knew the answer to the question. Stop wasting my time and don't bother sending me a PM.
  9. looks 100x better than the Shiv
  10. Posts hidden because well - 3 x reported posts & I have better things to do on a Saturday night
  11. Looks good but $$$$ can’t believe they are doing the integrated bottle thing again
  12. This will be limited for me. I often have to quickly respond to reports between meetings, family commitments etc. my priority is responding to reported threads and removing them ASAP. Since I have been moderating I have never had anyone ask “why was my post hidden” I will add “posts removed” but I’m not going to be explaining the reason why etc.
  13. If you want to pay the dollars and and take over the running of the forum you can moderate it how ever you like. I'm not getting involved in the "he did this, he did that" argument.
  14. TBH I don't understand the rule either. The Forum as a "block" function which is the ultimate form of "ignoring" someone. But I'm looking at the rules as a friendly reminder to help set the tone and enviroment we want this forum to be. Trying to moderate / determine the difference between banter & bully is hard. I totally missed a recent example. Unfortunetly we have now lost that forum member because of how certain people acted.
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