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  1. Just for information I've added another handful of Sportif events .Armadale Grand Fondo (WA) Blayney to Bathurst (NSW) Top End Gran Fondo (NT) Lancelin-Hell of the North (WA) Robbies Gran Fondo (QLD Bass Coast Cycle Challenge (VIC) Cycle Isle Gran Fondo (TAS) Mount Macedon Challenge Sportif added (VIC) There's also loads of community/charity style rides around which I'm not listing at this stage, just aiming to leave it to the sporting type Sportif/Gran Fondo's. Maybe in future I'll add a new listing to add those types in as well. I've now got 57 Time Trials listed and 29 Sportif/Gr
  2. Thanks Naut, I've added that one in now. Thanks Roxii. Yep, your right. my grammar is a bit ordinary. It's the name I had for the last 2 years running a cycling tipping comp, so just kept the same name since it was all set up anyway. Maybe I'll look at renaming to something better and along the lines of TT & Sportif's. (open to any suggestions)
  3. Thanks Charlesn. I've added that to the calendar.
  4. Excellent, thanks Mjainoz Tapatalk must change appearances around a bit, that's be beyond my knowledge I'd say I'll probably add in a scrolling "Events up next" type thing as well.
  5. Thanks, could you do a snap shot image of what you are seeing, I don't have an Ipad to test it on and only able to run through an emulator which all appeared ok. You should see the 'Home, Time Trial, Sportif, Contact' tabs on the menu bar. Select TT tab and it will list all TT's, you can filter by State As per below image >
  6. I've created a new site to list as many Time Trials & Sportif / Gran Fondo events within Australia (ones I know off at least) and will endeavor to update the list as new events are known. In addition add links to results if available. So if your looking for any TT's or Sportif's it's a place to start (there is links to event websites). or if you know of any others to add please free to let me know. It's pretty basic, but at least does the job nice and easy. http://www.velokyniska.com cheers Trev.
  7. You can still get them Try Woollies. I buy them to eat out riding sometimes. How about Cue Cola?
  8. Last chance to get a team in, race starts in 30 mins.
  9. La Course, Sunday 26/7/14. Women's Race on the Champs Elysées, as per the final stage in the TDF. 13 laps (6.85km per lap) total of 89km. Race starts at 1:30pm French time (9:30pm AEST) on Sunday the 26th July. Select 8 riders with a total value of no more than 100 credits. Points are awarded for the first 5 of the first 11 laps (as per sprint comp), Points for the top 20 overall race result and also the top 3 young rider race result and top 3 in the sprint jersey comp. Since this is a one day race I've kept rider values low so you'll be able to select quite a few top line riders and with
  10. So you reckon you know the Giro/TDF/Vuelta for tipping, so how about the Women's Giro Rosa? There is only one major tour that resembles the Grand Tours, The Giro Rosa, the only race of this nature on the Women's pro circuit, the only race that's elligble to run beyond 1 week, the only one that gets into some mountains. 11 stages through Italy over varied terrain with prologue, sprints, TT and mountains. If you can guess your way through the TDF tips then you can probably do the same here as well Do you know the riders? pick a team and follow them and you'll get to know who's who.
  11. According to Wiki the number of PED offenses per sport are as follows :-. (I had to cut/past & collate the entire listings so may not be exact numbers, but a good enough sample.) 811 - Athletics (track & field as a whole) 256 - Unlisted Event type 116 - Sprinting 57 - Middle Distance 57 - Long Distance 44 - Shotput 34 - Discus 357 - Weight Lifting 267 - Swimming 166 - Cycling 89 - Soccer 77 - Water Polo 31 - Tennis This doesn't represent any percentage of number of competitors nor the number of tests made per sport. Below are the Testing and result
  12. umm.... so you didn't watch it but Astana bossed the whole day? Astana had a guy in the break (Tiralongo) so they didn't have to do anything. Saxo had to set the pace. With about 80km to go Cataldo (Astana) attacked the bunch forcing Saxo to chase even more so. Tiralongo had an easy ride in the break and just had to sit in. There was no "bossing" the bunch and they are hardly a second string squad either.
  13. For those that favour the conspiracy theory of a motorised bottom bracket. For the motor to work in this scenario it needs to drive the crankset, so the cranks must be turning to drive the wheel. Ryder Hesjedal's bike during the crash does not have the crankset rotating to drive the wheel, in fact he was freewheeling prior to crashing as well. Use of a motor? I doubt it very much. From the cyclingtips article.
  14. Somebody filed a complaint against WTC regarding running an illegal Lottery?? http://www.justice.gov/file/complaint/download They'll probably just change it's name from "Lottery" to "WildCard" Just like some other sporting events that have "Wildcard" entries.
  15. The men target races that best provide points as the women will do also. Likewise some age groupers go to races that provide better qualifying opportunities. It's still supposed to be a "World Championships" isn't it? Were the top X in the rankings are eligible, so that makes no reasoning to have differing numbers between Male & Female Pro's.
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