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  1. I ate a full rack of ribs at Hogs Breath the night before my first ironman. Just cause I love ribs. No other reason. Had to stop on the bike for the port-a-loos. Probably want a good choice to stomach that much food. Lol. I'm not real big. So that was a LOT of food. Now I eat whatever is around... but I'm only racing short course so I don't think it really makes a difference. Just avoid the spinach.
  2. Thanks guys. Bored, you need to change your name if you are no longer bored. 🤣 And ... do you actually have to read every single post?! 😫
  3. I'll throw in 20 bucks
  4. Am I supposed to turn the power off each time I finish or is it ok to stay plugged in. Manual doesn't say anything
  5. I don't know what I don't know 🤷‍♀️
  6. Cycle ops dumb trainer
  7. Cranky

    OT saving lives

    It's been a bit quiet here lately. Hopefully it's only because you've been forgetting to post your photos not forgetting to donate!
  8. My first IM (2015), I had a 4, 6, and 17 year old. I then did 2 more the following year. By then my hubby was over it. Sorry to sound sexist but I feel that you will get away with more because you are a father not a mother, so this is good news for you. I finished 3rd in my AG in Cairns, on 12-16hrs, so dial back that expectation of needing huge training hours. The ones that you do, have to count though. Every 3rd or 4th Saturday could be 5 hours, but don't do it every weekend. It sounds ok on paper, but your wife won't like it. If your child wakes in the night occasionally, that's
  9. Cranky

    Chain lube

    I very very rarely ride my bike outdoors, unless it's race day (that's about 10 times a year). I train under the house. My bike lives down there, and it can get pretty dusty. I'd like to be responsible for cleaning and lubing my own chain. So at the risk of (having been riding for 11 years) sounding like a newbie, tell me... how should I clean my chain? What should I use to clean and then lube it please and thank you. And reading above, having to rewax every 300km ... that's every 2-3 weeks ... Which is waaaaay too often to be stuffing around with my bike. I don't have that sort of
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