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  1. I kill plants😪 Any other ideas? 🤣
  2. Congratulations. I have to say that I am jealous that you can pull out shit like that when you're "undertrained". I trained really hard for that race. Had a few major obstacles to overcome, but was really happy with my day out ... and you kicked my arse without training. 🤦‍♀️ Well done!
  3. I guess I just hoped he would quit 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  4. Cranky

    Bribie Tri 2020

    Don't forget Olivia Crank! 😂
  5. Mon am 1hr swim + 1:15 bike, 5km lunch run Tue am run session with club ~15km including intervals, 2km afternoon swim Wed 1:00-1:30 trainerroad bike + 1:00 bike threshold zoom session with club , 5km lunch run, afternoon 2km swim Thursday 1:00-2:00 trainerroad bike session, 5km lunch run Friday 1:00-1:30 trainerroad bike session + 1:00 bike sprint zoom session with club, 5km lunch run Saturday 2 hr run or 1:00 bike + 90 min run. Sunday rest SUMMARY 3 swim sessions - 7km ~ 1:40hrs 4-5 bike sessions - ~7hrs Run - 50-60km ~5.5 hrs Thi
  6. My husband manages to. 😥 Lucky I don't drink, smoke, get my nails done, colour my hair, buy magazines, ... triathlon is my one and only cost. And with the races of late, it's been very little. Even pre COVID, when we sat down one day and looked at our outgoings, beer and cigs was more than tri, and I can't remember but I may have even been paying a coach then. I sold them on the school bus for 20c in around 1991. Or wafts through the house into your wife and children's lungs, even though you're out the back with the door closed.
  7. Cranky

    Port Photos

    That's not cool
  8. Cranky

    Port Photos

    Yep. He would. What's Brazzers?
  9. Cranky

    Port Photos

    Nope 😢
  10. Cranky

    OT saving lives

    That looks ouchy!
  11. Yay for another day of school holidays!
  12. I do not 🙄😛 Are you on the right Strava page? It looks like this...
  13. Fixed... until this afternoon, probably!
  14. Cranky

    Port Photos

    The rose amongst the thorns 🤣 I didn't even notice at the time that I was the only female there. That's what I love about tri. It's just a group of crazies doing crazy stuff together. You guys are awesome. I'll never forget that weekend. You guys made it for me! Thanks!! NOW GET OFF TRANNIES AND GO AND TRAIN!
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