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  1. Many top triathletes have come from a swimming background just because you have to start swimming early (for most people) if you want to become a great swimmer (and then triathlete). Run and even more bike are disciplines that allow for a later start, most kids not specialising before mid to late teens and doing other activities earlier instead (like team sports, etc). So not sure you can say that Dave Scott didn't have a running background, he obviously was a great runner too.
  2. Sorry, was only 13.21 🙂 On a 1200m loop (or something like that).
  3. Hayden just ran a 13:18. Absolutely smoking!!!
  4. My take. Looks like your coach has done a great job of maximizing your potential with how much training you do. But if you want to be even faster, you need to increase the volume in the bike and (especially for ITU racing) the run.
  5. That was a quick clean up Bored@, and way better than Bunnings hooks.
  6. You won't get injured by keeping the frequency, especially since you've done it for a while now. You injure yourself by doing intensity, especially running. I would keep most of the running at low intensity (high zone 1 and low zone 2) except for one longer run done at Daniels marathon pace. Maaaaybe one higher intensity session per week building from tempo/threshold/Vo2 session and see how it goes, but I'd keep most of my higher intensity stuff for the swim foremost and the bike training.
  7. Considering GB's mens position in the qualifying points system at the moment, and unless both Yee (likely, currently 32nd in rankings) and Bishop (37th) manage to bring themselves in the top 30, the most likely way for Alistair to make it to Tokyo is for the GB selectors to choose him instead of either Alex Yee or his brother. Both would be upsets in their own way. Plus Alistair needs to score points to be at least in the 100? of ITU points to be eligible.
  8. Yes I know, unfortunate marriage!
  9. YEP, you have to pay a lot and give a lot of time upfront (before you're allowed to even coach, in TA's opinion) for the right to VOLUNTEER. They have also added countless useless online courses lately, and Graeme Hill then sends you a nice email saying: 'not so friendly reminder...'. I think I may stop thinking about volunteering in this sport and do something else with my time (and own money).
  10. Oh and I'll be 'home' (my parents' place) for the event (the whole month of August, flying back to Canberra on September 2), if anybody is after some free accomodation just down the road (25-30kms from the race course) in La Tour-de-Peilz (next to Vevey), let me know, I may be able to help.
  11. As the resident Swiss Trannie (born and raised 20kms from Lausanne), here is my opinion: I assume you're doing the age-group standard distance. There are only 3 climbs, they are quite short (400m+), two are not that steep (Vallee Jeunesse and Ouchy), the third one (Avenue des Bains) steeper but even shorter. Rest is FAST. So TT all the way.
  12. Not defending their behaviour after you politely asked them to walk on the left side, but I don't understand why in Australia you're supposed to walk in the same direction as bike traffic. It normally makes more sense for walkers/joggers to walk/run on the right facing traffic (so that they can see what's coming their way). That's what I did when I first arrived in Australia but it didn't go down well with the locals so I stopped (and feel less safe on my runs now as a result). It's also actually to the cyclists' advantage if I walk/run on the right, it allows me to see them come and (if possi
  13. Or these: https://www.altrarunning.com/shop/men/men-39%3Bs-paradigm-45-alm1948g?variationId=000#hero=0 Or the Torin: https://www.altrarunning.com/shop/men/men-39%3Bs-torin-4-alm1937f?variationId=061#hero=0
  14. My background: I've had extensive knee issues including meniscus that put me off running before I discovered the antidote. For me it's all about minimal drop. I would give ALTRAs a go (O drop). Yes you then have to be very careful about ramping up mileage slowly to avoid achilles injuries, but that's a good strategy no matter what. The more I run (without injury) with low drop shoes, the better my knees feel and the stronger they are. Good luck.
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