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  1. Perspectives I guess but I think your lense is of someone living in country Victoria with a lifetime asset base behind you and of mature age For someone in their formative "career" and using metropolitan standards I would call those dollars and "earning" skills development a disaster in terms of being a sustainable profession. He'd be better off working 20-30 hrs a week, race a fraction less and do some study for something that will make him some real coin. If the true talent is there he'll still improve and go up the ranks whilst inserting a hedge in his strategy If a working holiday
  2. Rog I think they are worth having as an option especially for people training before work and then having to sit behind a monitor for a living. I've got one of these http://www.jpofficeworkstations.com.au/l-shaped-sit-stand-desk-automatic-strata/ and like it because you can have a big desk with the whole platform going up and down. However the software developers next door use the Varidesk and thats what I will be buying for my staff- more suitable for a smaller desk area and great way to convert and existing desk. They are a really well thought out product Thankfully I dont h
  3. Jimmy C

    Kona accom

    if you are taking supporters spend the extra $ and stay as close to town as possible its always hot as balls there- even a 200m walk seems a long way in the middle of the day- even though you've heard this it wont sink in until you are there just how hot and humid i wouldnt bother with anything further out than kona reef (just over the first hill on Alii Dr) if you are taking children or older people its ridiculous how much pedestrian traffic there is up and down that road- if you want to see a lot of the village then staying close in as Spartan says is worth the $$ to avoid the h
  4. Jimmy C

    Kona accom

    the islands are a bit behind the times and americans in general too when it comes to payment it is very common for americans to ask for payment by cheque for accomo even through vrbo most owners ask for cheques in kona if the accomo is good and they have a clearly identified USA address then probably all good but no photos , no details why would you bother? stick to the stuff on vrbo and you cant go wrong. its only march there should be plenty of stuff in kona still available- speak to people who have been or stick to the buildings you know australians regularly stay at- a
  5. PJ started very very young at IM just like Luke Bell and both knocked out lots of IM's for their age and both were never rock solid physically Going round an IM in 8.15 or less does take something out of you permanently every time- both Mark and Dave have said this It could be as simple as his body just does not want to co-operate. Same thing happened to Peter Reid and he had to have several years of retirement before a come back and even then he just couldnt mentally go on after that final Kona appearance. PJ might just be done for a while but dont ever rule him out- you dont lose tha
  6. hokkas will be ideal for Dave standing on the pool deck and sitting on the computer writing training programs im sure they will make him a pair with whatever sole thickness that suits him- from what ive seen they are now making shoes that are pretty similar to middle of road shoe not their icon moon shoe look Dave has to make a living- he could run in anything and still look like a duck falling over its toes while going shit hot fast
  7. didnt cost me that much Peter cause I just got my shit together and qualified after a couple of IMs :-)...........i spent my 50 doing all the triathlons after that..........:-) both were more enjoyable than paying for it and moving on........i imagine sex with an expensive hooker feels similar as opposed to finding a stunner and sticking with her :-)
  8. its a relatively cheap way of getting to Kona versus the amount of time and money some people expend getting there do the sums it would be way cheaper than going on a legacy spot and waiting 10+ years
  9. like you said you are "entitled" to - it doesn't mean its the right thing to do there's nothing unique about your case- there are plenty of people in all age brackets using social security as an "entitlement" instead of a leaving it to people who genuinely have no other options nobody would deny it to anyone who really needs it but its obvious you dont- you are perfectly capable of working for one thing and have assets. How about having a go for 5-10 years and put some money away before you put your hand out. Those kids are gone so you should be able to put away some coin fast this
  10. ok ill say it this is one of the things thats broken about australia. you've got all those assets, paid **** all tax, blown your money living the high life and now expect taxpayers to look after you and your healthcare and a bunch of kids born overseas why not live off your own assets first before looking to everyone else? oh I forgot......you are entitled to it..............so it must be right. what a farking joke IMHO cash in some of your assets and live in a nice van park in Cairns- thats what Id be doing before asking everyone else to bail me out my folks are well i
  11. ADF has always provided free training, extra holidays and travel to basically anyone who can make the "team" which in most sports is whomever signs up- Skiing, Rugby, Triathlon, Rowing etc etc I figure if you've signed up for shit pay and a life of executing the delusions of goverment whilst putting your own life on the line- you deserve a few trappings! The private sector would be a lot better off if they followed ADF example in more cases and encourage their employees to have a go at things that make them feel better and live healthier -and not just talk about it in a policy that nob
  12. Jimmy C


    no offence intended wardy i get what you are saying- but you are not going to find that grass roots atmosphere at a corporate/mass market race like that- do Gundi, Byron, Tweed etc if you want to find a more laid back crowd. Triathlon has completely changed- most people who do them now have not much in common with the triathletes we knew in the past :-) when a race is under 500 people then natural social interaction has a much better chance of developing than in an amorphous crowd of 5000 where people just stick to their own clan. Spacko to us old timers tinder is something you use to ligh
  13. Jimmy C


    quite straightforward really............ sounds like evolution to me- breaking away from the outdated Australian traditions of having to write yourself with alcohol to find a partner or enjoy yourself as the sport has got more affluent and older- its going to be represented by more people who have access to better forms of leisure than cheap piss and average food at a surf club- especially after 10pm
  14. laughs at Oompa HBR typically takes the long way around explaining simple concepts and putting them into expensive "frameworks" . Once I got the MBA I stopped reading HBR. Both were a waste of my employers money hahaha
  15. respecting someones achievements is completely different to respecting someone personally you have to decide which you are talking about coach there are people who constantly bang on about earning/demanding external respect or collecting it like a badge- surfing and places like the armed forces are filled with people who are obsessed with externalised and formalised respect derived from title or achievements- they confuse achievements with being worthy of lasting personal respect lasting respect begins and starts with personal integrity- the people who deserve it rarely go seeking
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