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  1. Hi Guys, I would like to start training with Power. I would like advice of what power meter to use. Ideally it would be relatively easy to transfer from TT bike to Road bike between seasons. Also I don't want to spend a fortune as I'm not that good - just a mop type person who wants to train and race with power. Thoughts on make/model that you would recommend. Thanks
  2. Yes and got second in 60 age group - about 1 hour 15 minutes behind 1st place
  3. Thanks Roxi, Yes I am considered as a finisher in my own right these days. You will see my results in my age group results. This is only a relatively later change when in the past the Guide wasn’t considered as a finisher and didn’t even get a towel or medal. Also as a guide I do not pay an entry fee, only the Paratriathlete pays the entry fee and my entry is free (not even the Active Fee!). Mungo
  4. Hi All It was a tough race today but my blind mate and I were able to get across the line in (I think) 12:38 - our slowest IM by far but John started cramping at about the 100k mark on the bike and was sick on the guts during the run - but he is a tough old bastard (he is 58 and I am 59). Thanks Bord@work for looking after me at your aid station on the run whilst John was in the loo. Not sure what happened to AP as I saw him in his wettie at the swim start but then saw him in the crowd cheering people on later during our first lap of the run. Mungo
  5. #1264 - I’m racing as a guide for my visually impaired mate who is #1451
  6. Hi All I am competing in the Tweed Endro half next Saturday and then working in Brisbane the following week. Is anyone travelling from Pottsville next Sunday (11th Feb) that I can get a lift with heading north to Brisbane or can drop me at a railway station to get to Brisbane. I will not have my bike or Tri gear only a suitcase and backpack. Also any recommended pools in the Brisbane area. Thanks Mungo
  7. Thanks Roxi John and I had a great race ( and some luck - the Canadian PTVI guys got a flat during the ride). Our focus is on Sunday's Long Course, but we thought that since we were already travelling to Canada for the Long Course, we might as well do the ParaDuathlon and Friday's ParaAquathon. Great support over here from the Aussie supporters and the Triathlon Australia Team members and officials. John and I are having a ball - and not going too bad for two old (we are both 1960 models) bald blokes. I'll keep you posted on how we go on Friday and Sunday. Mungo
  8. 1398 for me and 1397 for my mate - same category as Shuffla
  9. Mungo

    Busso race day

    Thanks Ratdog and thanks very much for all your support during the run leg for John and I. Sorry for not replying until now, I've been a little busy with John over the last few days. We got back to Newcastle late last night. We had a fantastic day and all our training come off on Sunday. For me it was an amazing experience and one I will remember for the rest of my life. Out of my 15 Ironman finishes, this one was up there with this year's Kona (my one and only Kona!). For me, it was a really rewarding experience and a hell of a lot of fun. I would well recommend to anyone to be a guide
  10. Hi All, My preference is to wear a short sleeve tri race suit at Kona rather than a sleeveless, as I got really sun-burned at IM Malaysia last year in a sleeveless suit. However, I understand that in non-wetsuit swim IM events such as Kona and Malaysia that you are not allowed to wear a sleeved tri suit under a swim speed suit in the swim. I see on the Kona NBC coverage that a good percentage of the pros and age groupers wear the sleeved tri suits these days - but the pros don't seem to have the sleeves showing at the start of the swim and come out of the change tent with sleeved s
  11. Mungo

    Kona Advice Please

    Cranky - that's gold - thanks And Tranny catch-up/swim would be great - count me in And Trannie Undie Run - that would be outstanding - as long as there are no photos!
  12. Mungo

    Kona Advice Please

    Hey Cranky Can you post your rejigged itinerary when you have completed it - so I can copy - thanks - the advice on this thread has been gold - thanks all
  13. Hi All, I would like your thoughts/experience regarding the Garmin Vector 2S single-sensing powermeter. I am after a low cost power meter system that is easy to transfer between my road and tri bikes. I would like it to be reliable and reasonably accurate and relatively easy to fit and calibrate. Thoughts and possible alternatives would be appreciated.
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