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  1. I doubt any marketing campaign would convince an anti- vaccer to get the jab. I wonder which one of Scomo’s old marketing mates gets the $24 mil gig?
  2. Sorry I can see I should have worded that differently. Should have said yesterday more Germans died of covid than any previous day. In fact the UK, USA & Germany all experienced their highest recorded covid death toll yesterday ☹️
  3. Just saw on the news that all of Germany’s hospitals are now overflowing and more Germans died yesterday than any other day in their history. There was also a Californian nurse of 10 years experience that said she’s had more of her patients die in the last 2 weeks than the rest of her career combined.
  4. I feel like I must defend you here IJ, I’ve never seen you post a racist, sexist, homophobic or bigoted word in this forum.
  5. Is that your go to when you paint yourself into a corner IJ ? Try Trumps own Twitter account. You do follow don’t you IJ lol
  6. That’s not true. Trump watched and commented about a 30 min special Fox did on the Proud Boys 5 days before he said “stand down and stand by” during the presidential debate.
  7. And so many of those rioting vandals not wearing masks I’m sure that figure will grow
  8. I've spent half my life trying to preserve life. How dare you make a claim like that, what do you base that on? I made no judgement at all on the woman or the police, my only comment about Ashli Babbit was to reply to AJ and tell him she was trying to get to officials on the other side of the door. Your constant attempt to troll people and cause arguments and fights on this site is childish and unintelligent and I pity you. I've asked you several times not to make up sh#t about me here.
  9. Quite impressed by the way Mike Pence is conducting under immense pressure. So many calls fro,m both sides of congress now for him to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump. Even large industry groups are joining the call for Trump to be removed. While Trump was Tweeting this... "These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away." Mike Pence was Tweeting this... "This attack on our Capitol will not be tolerated and those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,"
  10. She was trying to break through a door to get to government officials on the other side.
  11. That's bullsh#t. Trump Tweeted this when it turned violent "These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away." His video plea came hours later. And anyone who thinks Trump and his team didn't intentionally include false claims in his video so it would be removed from social media knows nothing of politics.
  12. Oh dear, the Don won’t be happy about this
  13. Donald Trump awards Scott Morrison with one of the highest military honours https://amp.smh.com.au/politics/federal/donald-trump-awards-scott-morrison-with-one-of-the-highest-military-honours-20201222-p56pmb.html
  14. So you’ve decided I had high hopes of the Muller report? 😂 That’s another inaccurate comment. I’ve mentioned it once in this entire thread, showing how redacted it was and stating Trump has nothing to worry about.
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