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  1. Groups of recently arrived Kiwis have now been caught trying to enter every Australian state except Qld.
  2. Mike Del


    I hate the things, I know we take a risk swimming and it’s their territory and all that stuff but I love open water swimming and I recon the more shark nets and drum lines the better. I had a 4mt+ tiger shark follow me on my ski for 3k off Caloundra Head once. She just sat about 20mts behind me the whole way. Years later I swam the Magnetic Island to Townsville open water race and on the way over to the island a deckie on the ferry told me the area is Aus’s biggest tiger shark breeding ground and there’s no way he’d get in the water out there. For the whole 8k swim all I could think abou
  3. I haven’t seen any polls on Dan’s popularity other than if there was an election today he’d be returned, but if the 60% mentioned above is correct, it might be because most people can see whats happening around the world when the virus breaks out into the community and then compare it to the way Victoria has fought back. Back in June Victoria detected 723 new transmissions in 24hrs, on that same day the UK recorded 763 new transactions. Now a couple of days ago Victoria recorded 1 new transmission and 0 deaths while the UK recorded 15,650 new transmissions and 136 deaths in 24hrs. A
  4. I believe those girls were the source of A few outbreaks/clusters in SEQ. The detention centre, a school, a few households and cafes come to mind. The gov was on to it quickly with local lockdowns, restrictions on gatherings, ramped up testing ect in the effected areas. They nipped it in the bud straight away and we were back to normal a few weeks later.
  5. I posted in the Politics Sect yesterday’s election results and who was up who was down exactly as it was appearing on the info bar running across my tv. Nothing more, nothing less. I’ve previously asked you to keep me out of your need to troll people and start arguments More. How about you start respecting that.
  6. Labor returned for a sixth term in the ACT. Greens vote up Lib vote down. Jacinda Ardern claims victory in NZ
  7. Here’s the police body cam video of a Victorian truckie getting caught trying to hide someone in his cab and smuggle them across the border into Qld. Turned around and $4000 fine each. i think the cop can be heard saying “the device indicated someone else was in your cab” 🤔
  8. I believe Arthur Sinodinos holds the ICAC record of 27 times ... “I don’t recall”
  9. No I'm saying you won’t even finish if you can’t swim. Some people just can’t swim. I know plenty of cyclists and runners who can’t swim a stroke, but every swimmer I know (apart from an English Channel swimmer with one leg) can run a bit. I relation to the Ironman you can always walk the run or slow down and have a drink and a feed on the bike, even stop and have a rest then get going again, but if you can’t swim, you’ll never complete an Ironman. As for the fittest, that depends on what you define as fittest I guess. I know many fat overweight but excellent distance swimmers, and onl
  10. I definitely wouldn’t say swimmers were the fittest. I recon most people could ride 180 and run 42 if they trained a bit and took their time but... if you can’t swim 3.8k you’re never going to finish an Ironman. Also as someone who spent many years competing in Surf Life Saving carnivals, I take a just little offence at the claiming of the term “Ironman” .
  11. Muppets... Tens of thousands of these letterbox dropped in marginal electorates across Qld during the election period. So who paid for it and why is the Aussie crest at at top of the letter. I hope the QEC investigates.
  12. Get a grip More, your post (below) finished off with “...So... Mehhh...” I assume you’re attempting to be funny so I hit the laugh symbol. In future, please don’t include me in your trolling attempts.
  13. That’s because it was nothing but a total stunt. I doubt anyone other than Trump himself and his fanboys thought it was real. To be eligible nominees are supposed to be kept secret. The first thing the politician did after he fired off his Trump nomination was to call a press conference to announce it to the world.... the same as the last time he nominated Trump 😂 Probably hoping for another invitation to the Whitehouse. Im actually quite surprised Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts didn’t beat him to it and nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. As sitting politicians they qua
  14. Yeh but no, that doesn’t appear to be true. The figures in the story you’ve posted Peter don’t seem to match the figures from Victoria’s Coroner report on suicide. They’re out by a couple of hundred.
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