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  1. Read today Geoff Huegill is Chris McQueen’s uncle.
  2. I found over ears hot whilst not training. I only use buds.
  3. not worst or weird but my first triathlon was a swim across Sydney Harbour. Also watched a triathlon at SeaWorld where most people waded most of the swim. Forbes was another one that was in either a river or creek. Most recent one was Kingscliff that was in a roaring tidal current where if you aren't careful and lift your head a little more often than usual you can come onto bridge pylons faster than you would expect.
  4. I rang as I travel to Wagga from Gold Coast at least once a year. Fly to Sydney and hire a car from the Airport and drive to Wagga. I was unsure how this would be treated re COVID hotspot so rang number on the website where you get border passes. Was advised I would be considered being in a hotspot on way down but not on way back. I was advised if I was in Wagga for 14 days I would be considered not being in a hotspot for fourteen day therefor would not be required to quarantine on return to Qld. What tha???
  5. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/sex-drugs-and-a-cover-up-nrl-sits-on-explosive-complaint-20201030-p56a5o.html
  6. CootaGC


    ABC news just showed a graph which demonstrated link between covid deaths and how well economy is going. Less deaths, better economy.
  7. Rugby League test when Ricky Stuart threw an intercept and the Australia scored a length of the field try to keep series alive.
  8. CootaGC

    Roller - Pain

    I had never used a roller before. Was at physio about a knee injury and he was twisting and turning my leg and said you are tight in the ITB area. He did some heavy massage where he ran his hands down the outside of my thigh about 10 times, was really uncomfortable but seemed to be able to stretch further after he did it so then he recommend I roll it. I did wonder however if it was something that would just loosen up for a short time and then go back to how it was and Aidan answered that above.
  9. CootaGC


  10. CootaGC

    Roller - Pain

    My physio has suggested I use a roller on the outside of my thighs to help prevent ITB issues as he advised I am tight in this area. Does the pain of using the roller reduce the more you do it?
  11. If you had a choice who would you see, exercise physiologist, physiotherapist, PT?
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