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  1. Ironman have no incentive to run a Pro only race. Ironmans customers are Ag’ers not pro triathletes. Getting AG races happening is a better marketing strategy than a pro race to keep the punters signing up. Ironman will be doing everything to see as many AG races happen next year as possible. Now- do I personally want to see Kona for Pros. Absolutely - bring it on.
  2. Bosco


    I’m all for the tennis and hope they can show it can work and try and keep some things moving in the world. As long as Dan holds the ground on no changes to quarantine I do not see an issue. A sustained world lockdown into back end 2021/22 has catastrophic health, social and economic implications. Heck- I cannot even fathom March forward in Australia with job keeper/seeker.
  3. Bosco


    Until the ‘Health’ pandemic is over. But I agree - where the heck is Albo.
  4. Bosco


    A good thread (from seemingly trusted source) on transmission here.
  5. Prince - you know Nick has about 4-5 as many followed on Youtube as Lionel, pretty cool hey. If I was a triathlon brand, I’d be all over this guy.
  6. Gee - I thought Ali learnt a lot at Kona, took those learnings and crushed Ironman WA. I would’t dismiss just yet. I wouldn’t write anyone off - especially Iden. Gomez dismantled a few world champ 70.3 fields and is yet to convert to Ironman, I’d just keep the the Iden will crush ironman in check for now. Frodo completely destroyed the field 15 months ago and would have had his best year in injury management. Sanders race at Daytona was outstanding; I had written him off for Kona but he will be a podium again in next 3-4 years. Lange would be there working on. Ike strength since last Kona,
  7. 8 hours exactly, any less on a weekly average and I am struggling.
  8. Bosco


    I think you are right Cat Lady- the proportion of idiots seems to be very evenly distributed across of states. Plus no one should ever be embarrassed for someone else’s behaviour
  9. Barry - get back to Trichat, don’t get sucked back in..........
  10. I have done 3 Ironman's when kids in the 2-5 year age group. Started with the morning training as that was all the advice- it didn't work for us with inconsistent kids wake up or older kid waking very early. Commutes and the trainer were the base of my training- I am very lucky to have pools close to work so swimming and runs were at lunch. I'd advise against the long weekend sessions on the bike and look for ways for 2 a day sessions mid week to get the required work. Pencil 3 long rides days with family now (i.e 7, 5,3 weeks out) and in your mind knowing they are coming will help ease the an
  11. Riding in a pack of + 100 - you could probably do that at 2w/kg. So let’s say 65-67kg
  12. Bosco

    2020 totals

    Given your retired - hypothetically - how much stronger on bike are you now if you can back to do a ‘farewell’ race. Surely with those kilometres - you’d be setting up an attractive bike for a sub 11.00. Running in Ironman is all about bike fitness as you know. 🙂
  13. Bosco


    I’ll take the vaccine. I take the flu vaccine every year. I have had flu 2 out of last 3 years. Last years really knocked me. Vaccine will not erradicate COVId-19, it may lesson symptoms. Which should also lesson spread.
  14. Best triathlon on the calendar......~16km loop bike course, 1-2 technical segments but overall very good for beginners.
  15. Many people getting up early for PTO. Me - I just keep hitting refresh for FP race report!
  16. It’s less than a 2h ride, ITU guys will be fine.
  17. IronmanFoz, that’s what makes this a rort. It was actually her job to prove she didn’t knowingly ingest - which she couldn’t do.
  18. Zed, she is a convicted doper, that’s not a good look in itself. Reading the case - not a good look for the whole process. I expect WADA to appeal the downgrade.
  19. FP, 2022 is so far away- do it now. You know you want to - I could hear the excitement in your strokes.....what an epic adventure it would be!
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