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  1. Bosco


    To be fair, Vic has been extremely unlucky. Everywhere else has had ‘HQ’ breaches - just Vic did it really take hold. Environmental factors have to be playing a part. I think Dan’s a clown, but there has to be other factors other than this.
  2. Bosco

    NZ Ironman

    Feeling for you Rory-DogNz. I hope they get it all sorted for you and a postponement of a couple of weeks is all.
  3. I live in same suburb as IronmanFoz, we are all too scared to invite him to a BBQ.
  4. FP - has nailed it. All of the internal interviews I have done, bugger all use SAR (I like that FP) and just assume you know what they have done or struggle to ‘sell’ their achievements. There is no harm in being over prepared on this one.
  5. Listen to this. While everything you say may be true, a simple fact of all of the above is- it’s not your job to hold your supervisor to account, it’s his job to hold you to account.
  6. It’s as simple yet as hard as this......
  7. Not now, it’s seemless
  8. Lucy can sit off the back of Ali and Blu..............
  9. I love a punt with the best of them, but I struggle to see the greater good in allowing it on absolutely everything. I cannot think of one sport/event that is better off with gambling allowed.
  10. Lionels sprint tri training has had 47k views in a day. He did it in full sponsor race kit. I have no idea what Freshi is but I know they sponsor Lionel.
  11. This looks like a pretty well organised “event”. Already good coverage including non Triathlon media - only have to pay 4 athletes. I reckon we will see a list of single sport stars for ‘pacing’ to build further awareness. Its a big gimmick but at least something different........
  12. Cranky, mine has not been off in 12 months. No issues.
  13. Another point that annoys me. The sport of triathlon is an Olympic sport and has a pretty awesome ‘professional setup in many countries behind it. I don’t see long course as a seperate sport. I see it as the ‘masters’ tour of golf, not the PGA.
  14. I just don’t get why there are pros in long course triathlon. Total prize money must be what max $2.5 million globally. There is about 500 of them - so no living from prize money. Sponsorship would be tough in this social media world. I think what Pro’s forget is they are self employed. Not an employee of Ironman/Challenge. They are also not a customer of either - that would the paying age grouper. Unless Pro’s bring age groupers - no need for the event to pay to have them. With social media these days, more age groupers are inspiring me than Pros. People like IronmanFoz doing his epic
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