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  1. Bosco

    Aus Olympic Team

    As clear as it gets. This should be the team - the top 6 rankings this time.
  2. Take the time to recover FP, there are plenty of positives.
  3. The wind found out my bike weakness. Hard to replicate that on Zwift…….Neumann went sub 8/ AG winner 8.43. Those who were prepared went fast.
  4. Nordic track does not allow third party Bluetooth connection to treadmill except for music. So no, you cannot run Zwift on that. Pretty sure same for all ifit treadmills.
  5. I have it but I run with Zwift running. (Runn sensor). I have the Nordic track one with 4.25hp motor. My wife uses IFIT quite a bit - Sally Mac, Tommy R guided trail runs. She likes it - but you definitely need a good wifi network. I have never looked at the fitness videos so cannot comment on those. As soon as my free period ends - got 2 years free- I will not pay. I suspect 1 week later when my wife goes to use, we’ll be paying again however.
  6. My triathlon ‘addiction’ is a rounding error to my wife’s garden addiction.
  7. We have 1- 5 years old. Use it 2-3 times a day, soups, sauces, baking mixtures, smoothies etc etc . Highly recommend - are they worth the money? Absolutely - if you have NOT bought everything else (mixers etc) first.
  8. Bosco


    Actually I reread
  9. Gee Mottram was good. A good record for people to all to be chasing.
  10. Just keep moving Poppa - no need to worry about those 5 hour rides
  11. Bosco

    IM Cairns 2021

    The descents of Rex’s are spectacularly fast both ways....:-)
  12. Bosco

    Couch to Kona

    I track rolling 3 month and 6 month average training volume. Basically last 5 years I ‘ve gone from 25 hours to 50 hours. I get the odd 60 month in Ironman build but cannot sustain that volume yet. As soon as 3 month 10% above 6 month I start to feel fatigued.
  13. I love Ironman events. The buzz, in general the professional event management and that feeling that the event you are part of is bigger than it really is. What would be a must have- timing splits, closed roads, aid stations.
  14. To be fair, it’s always been about winning- professional or amateur. It’s just the cost of not being a ‘winner’ is so much higher these days.
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