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  1. FP, 2022 is so far away- do it now. You know you want to - I could hear the excitement in your strokes.....what an epic adventure it would be!
  2. The list of ‘lost’ medals from London continues to grow (well maybe). Anyone interested how far this could go, go and read the transcripts of the Freeman (Sky/BC doctor) tribunal.
  3. Just ride and collect data for a while. The main use I get out of a power meter is first hour of an Ironman.......
  4. Bosco

    Jai Hindley

    Kelderman ‘should’ TT better than the other podium guys but who knows......
  5. Sounds like the Freeman trail in UK (Sky/BC doctor)
  6. More - no benefit in brick runs for me except a very efficient way to extend sessions and get required run volume in safe way each week.
  7. Bosco

    run questions

    BogFrog - do you have any HR data to compare as well?
  8. Bosco

    Le Tour 2020

    I might be more worried of the Aussie guy who came third........
  9. Bosco

    Le Tour 2020

    I agree Andrew + I’m with G Martin. No way would you put your life on any of the GC riders being clean. AS Australians though, it means we would have to accept an uncomfortable truth. Surely its just Lance, Spaniards, Russias, Brits, Slovenians.
  10. For the same reason money is cheap - cannot get a short term return on it. Plus- don't confuse cheap money with a 'plethora' of money. Just because it is cheap (debt), does not mean its easy to come by for most.
  11. Yes, I feel for all event management companies. I am about to sign up for 1-2 races on back of email.
  12. I agree with Rob. My year round plan is something like 6-7 hours bike, 4h run, 2-3H swim - with life lands on average at ~12 hours per week. 16 weeks prior - the riding moves to 9-10h (increase is for long ride) and swim run remain pretty constant. I do a 3-4 week focus on run 10-6 weeks out and swim 6-2 weeks out whist biking remains. Switching focus to a monthly volume has helped with my consistency.
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