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  1. Depends, just how all mountain he is. there are some techy all mountain trails out the back not n the website maps and there is a new flow trail (Vapour Trail) also. Check out this FB page who make the trails: https://www.facebook.com/MakinTraxAustralia/ MTB Loop 2, 3 or 6 will tick a few boxes
  2. http://www.sbs.com.au/cyclingcentral/video/919237699758/Riding-the-High-Country
  3. I think you mean Organic and sintered. Organics wear out really fast in the wet. Other than that it should not cause you a problem to use organic. Sintered SRAM pads are historically terrible for noise. Shimano seem to work alot better and quieter. Edit: You can also buy semi sintered pads. See if Nukeproof make semi sintered for your brakes.
  4. The Christmas Crits are worth watching. You have a while to wait.
  5. Isuzu is supposed to be reliable and truck like. But not as refined as the Rangers/Mazda/Hilux. Hilux is a living on its name a little. The Ranger is great but you atleast want XLT and they cost a bit. This link may help you. http://www.caradvice.com.au/388419/ute-comparison-ford-ranger-v-holden-colorado-v-isuzu-d-max-v-mazda-bt-50-v-mitsubishi-triton-v-nissan-navara-v-toyota-hilux-v-volkswagen-amarok-2/
  6. CASA take on Drones https://www.casa.gov.au/aircraft/landing-page/flying-drones-australia
  7. Ride 40k under an hour Ride 180 under 5 Simpson desert bike race Croc trophy Ride the divide Run 10k under 31mins 21.1 under 70mins A marathon under 2.30
  8. But imagine the selfies you take in such a location, live tweeting the first bit of exercise you have done in years! The followers, oh don't forget the massive number of followers you would get. Then after losing 5 kgs you could do a PT course and share your knowledge with everyone all those hopelessly lost inexperienced people. Think about it, it all started with just some stairs. Why do PTs have to make exercise unenjoyable? They mimic military training sessions that for the most part are boring as hell and prone to causing injuries.
  9. Generally the NRS riders you get are the ones that get dropped in an NRS race (Phoenix). There are exceptions like Evers, Haas (the once a year he turns up) and a very small number of others. Not all NRS teams are the same. Riders from the decent ones turn up moreoregulary on Wednesdays. The mountain bikers you generally get are good but overall quality is lower than Wednesdays.That is not a bad thing it makes Thursday nights easier for your regular athletes which Barry is who can then get a good workout. Dont take it as an insult racing A grade on Thursdays is much more enjoyable than Wednesd
  10. In terms of speed I would grade them slowest to fastest as: A grade vets (equivalent to a back of B grade Wednesday without the associated crashes). These gents race like they have to work tomorrow. Vikings Thursday (equivalent to mid B grade Wednesday without the associated crashes). It rarely has crashes, but runs 3 grades at once. A grade Wednesday is the fastest of the week and regularly has some very good mountain biker and NRS riders in there that keep the pace high. They still have a few crashes, but not many (2 a season). You would be unlikely to get into A grade anyway. Yo
  11. Yes, Straight to vets or Vikings Thursday night. A grade vets is equivalent to a low B grade wednesday night standard
  12. The "even up the playing field" remark spreads the myth that doping enhances everyone equally. This is very much NOT the case. Armstrong/Ullrich are good examples of someone not designed for Grand Tours and big climbs, doping and becoming very effective. The same doping will not always benefit equally someone pre disposed to those events to start with. I hope you are not implying the African nations are not doping... Google: Kenyan doping http://www.bbc.com/sport/athletics/36275649
  13. I know it is not roof mount, but if you can these are the best solution: http://www.yakima.com.au/2/Accessories/view/22/Holdup-2
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