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  1. Finally cracked 17 minutes for 1km swim - 16:57
  2. Pretty sure most people don't know what to make of doing those distances regardless of time 😂
  3. It does get people talking about the sport... The number of people who were mildly interested in the sub 2 result surprised me. They're not that fussed on particular rules, just that some person ran real fast. I'm keen for the entertainment value.
  4. Variation on the uber pretzel makes it a much nicer ride. Ive now done all the big ones.. a handful of smaller ones on guest worlds to knock off
  5. It is in the Arena games video she just did... I wonder if she actually rates them being such a good swimmer
  6. Do not recommend The Full PRL route on Zwift.
  7. Good bike, bit short on the hot cross buns 😜
  8. xblane


    Taken from @josh_amberger on instagram. Some Lord of the Rings knowledge may be beneficial
  9. Trying to imagine being quicker over that distance the day after doing that distance 😂
  10. My only experience with the Hastings river was 2015... couldn't see anything then either. Knowing nothing about waterways, I just keep thinking, 'a month is such a long time, how could it not be clear?', but as I say, knowing nothing. Does anyone know much about how/if the weir affects water quality at all?
  11. Assuming the 20 week base looks appealing to you / has enough variety / you can add your own goals along the way (like hitting up the park run each weekend), I reckon it is a pretty good idea. 20 weeks enjoying getting fit and then 16 weeks to focus on IM.
  12. Just on the long lead in.... I started training for port 2020 in June 2019... I was done by March... so was the world
  13. Cheers @goughy, found https://www.xlab-usa.com/compatibility-check.html which lists it as compatible. Will PM you if I get stuck. Thanks mate.
  14. Pulled the trigger on a order from cyclelane.cc, just need to get here before port. Still appreciate any alternative ideas in case it doesn't make it.
  15. Looking for a mistica carriage kit https://www.fizik.com/rw_en/mistica-carriage-kit.html sold locally or perhaps some alternative products or ideas that would work with a fizik mistica saddle? https://www.fizik.com/rw_en/transiro-mistica-kium.html I'd like to run 2 bottles on the saddle, not fussed on carrying CO2
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