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  1. Add Spurs to that fall from grace, things not going well for Pop and the crew!
  2. Have you ever seen the rise and SUDDEN fall of a team/organisation like the one Golden State Warriors are experiencing? In the space of 7 games (inc last years finals) they lose Durant, than Klay Thompson and than Steph Curry at the start of this season. And have the worst record in the NBA, currently 2-12, All while unveiling their new stadium in San Fran...…. seems unprecedented to me!
  3. I followed his progress/training on Instagram, he left no stone unturned, good on him for committing and completing in a great time!
  4. Agree 100% with Mencken, that goes for the Far right and the far left. I have taken a lot of interest in protests/rioting in Portland, Oregon with regards to the left wing group ANTIFA (Anti Fascists) and the cult like following they have achieved in such a short amount of time. Being a left leaning group they seem to be easily sympathised with in American main stream media, of course anything right leaning is quickly likened to White supremacy & Nazi regimes, but I feel people forget that yes Far right leaning can be dangerous with regards to society, but so is far left, its almost
  5. Having read into it more, there does seem to be a hint of Marxism to it
  6. Agree there needs to be 'set in stone' rules for swapping rep countries etc. However, im all for making each nation as strong as they can be at International level. Take the 2000 Rugby League World cup for example, Tonie Carroll played SOS for Qld that year, but missed out on the Australian World Cup squad, so he was granted permission to play for New Zealand, meant a great player was in the World Cup. Same tournament, Lote Tuqiri played in a Broncos premiership winning side, was in the Maroons training squad and also didn't make the Aus WC squad, so he was granted permission to play f
  7. Flano given the go ahead to return to coaching in the NRL, only as an assistant though. He'd fit nicely next to Morris at the Sharks wouldn't he? Might head to Roosters and sit beside Robinson and watch his son play every week
  8. Swearing/cussing..... trying to eliminate it completely.
  9. Even days play, if anything the Aussies let England off the hook a few times, could have had them all out for under 250, but still a chance to have them out under 300, just need to bat well in reply.
  10. Yuck, its in imperial, not metric, I'd hand it back...…... Only kidding, well done volunteering and to all who raced, looked like a great weekend of celebrating this wonderful sport!
  11. Great win, and even better series victory. It took an absolute miracle from Ben Stokes to deny Australia the win at Headingley, but they responded and got the job done. How flat and disinterested England looked for most of that 4th test is strange, youd have thought they would have tried to ride the wave of momentum the 3rd test victory gave them and take the Aussies down, not to be. There is a real chance that Ben Stokes 3rd test performance could be lost in the rubble of England's failure to regain the Ashes if they lose the 5th test and the series 3-1.
  12. Best part was the absolutely joy and than disappoint the crowd went through, only to watch him plunder nearly another 100 runs! Joe Root and Co's bowling plans, field tactics etc were terrible yesterday. If Australia can bowl Eng out today, they will be PRAYING for rain.
  13. I think Warner returning was a given, but the surprise was giving Bancroft the nod over the likes of Burns and Harris. Burns was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, not sure how he is going with that, maybe being a 6 & 1/2 week 5 test series they thought he wasn't ready for it?
  14. Looks timid and uncertain of where his off stump is and where he is on the crease. If im Langer, id say to him before he walks out in the second innings, to treat it like a T20, go for it, he'll get out cheaply or post a 100 in 60 balls! Either way it would be better than what he is offering at the moment.
  15. Feel for Labuschange, just cant crack triple figures, got a peach of a delivery from Overton, but other than that they looked relatively untroubled once the ball lost its new shine. And its only 44 overs old, so hopefully Smith, Head, Wade and Paine make it count today and post a big first innings score. Archer looked tired/struggling in the cold. Broad was good early and Stokes was solid. But to be fair, Warner got himself out and Harris fell for the old 3 card trick of away, away and at the stumps.
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