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  1. Mapik

    Fluid Trainer

    I am looking to buy my first trainer and was wondering what sort of life span you can expect out of a good quality fluid trainer? Any guidance appreciated.
  2. 76kgs First week I have gone in the wrong direction.
  3. Mapik

    Week 10 Weigh In

    A bit late but ... 75.3kgs
  4. 75.6kgs for me. Happy with that.
  5. 77.6kgs for me. Thanks.
  6. No change... 80.1 for me.
  7. The kebab i just finished. I can't work out why I get the odd craving for them. I can't remember ever actually enjoying one. Not a good way to start the biggest loser either.
  8. Starting at 80.1kgs. Stillman average is 78.8 with 66.9 for a distance runner. Can't see that hapeening so am aiming for about 74 or 75.
  9. Me too please. Had my body fat taken the other day and it was in the "poor" category when everything else such as fitness and blood pressure were above average. I am going to have a good look at my diet and want to see the results. Thanks Plazbot.
  10. Mapik

    Heart Rate worry

    Thanks to everyone for the advice. Much appreciated.
  11. Mapik

    Heart Rate worry

    On the weekend I purchased a Polar Heart rate monitor. I did the fitness test to set it up and decided to take it out on my long Sunday run which was actually a long ride / run as I missed my Saturday ride (probably a rookie mistake). Anyway I set the monitor to long easy and set off. The range it set for me was about 117 to 135. I found on the ride it was almost impossible to stay in this range. I would have to stop riding down hills for it to get close. Jumping off the bike and I took to the run at what felt like a really easy pace and found my heart rate would average around 175. I was ru
  12. Thanks everyone, I think I will be making a purchase tomorrow.
  13. A couple of questions from a biking newbie. Well about to be newbie (this will be my first road bike). First does any one have any opinion on Argon 18's? Particularly the Gallium S3? Second, the deal I am getting seems great but I am down grading the gear set and wheels. As a newbie I am not sure if I should be spending the money on better components or better frame. Last what is the price difference between 105/Ultegra/Dura ace? Is the performance difference noticeable or is it mainly a weight thing?
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