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  1. Thanks to all, found what I wanted. Thread can be closed.
  2. Looking to buy a Men's Orca wetsuit S3 or S4 in vgc, size should be 7.
  3. I'm looking for a Softride frame, I don't really prefer any special year or model but it has to be suitable for 700c wheels. Simply offert me what you have and we will see..... Unless you life in the Brisbane area +50km, you should be willing to ship that frame otherwise it doesn't make sense...
  4. Only Oscar and Reeva know what really happened that night but it will be a judge that has to decide what is truth.
  5. There is only one company when I am talking about Light www.lupine.de Nothing at the same size is brighter and they are of amazing and durable quality. Lupine also has a Australian distributor with little more aussi friendly prices.
  6. Lost 15kg while just eating healthy and doing exercise. In my opinion everything else is bulls......
  7. I did cross the Alps with Racebike and with MTB. Highest altitude was with MTB, about 3000m. Probably it depends a bit on your overall fitness and how sensitive your body is concerning altitude. But if your legs feel like "lead" it might just be because you climb several 1000m without any break. For instance it takes several hours to climb the "Stilfser Joch" offroad with a MTB. After that you are tired anyway, no matter how high it is. The feeling of climbing for several hours probably makes you thinking you are lacking oxygen, but you are just getting tired that's it. Science has prove
  8. The very only "Food Supplement" that perhaps everyone of us really needs is energy bars or gels during competition. Except for that just by choosing healthy food,you will get all your body really wants. Just restarted triathlon training 4 months ago after 10years without sport. Lost 15kg of weight and already finished a half Ironman. A healthy lifestyle and a suitable training is the key for everyone's success.
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