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  1. Cody Beals puts up a post yearly analysing his triathlon related income and expenses - I always think it's crazy how little he spends. https://www.codybeals.com/2021/01/my-pro-triathlon-budget-pandemic-edition/ Of course it helps when your entry fees are covered by pro memberships, and accommodation by sponsors. Still!
  2. Dude that is ridiculous to be giving away. I have taken advantage of your generosity in the past so will let others have their turn, BUT if you can't find a good home, I'm willing to give you some money for it.
  3. My Dad wasn't (isn't) an early riser, so it was us nagging him to get going. It was my responsibility to pack the car from early on - helped that it started during my Tetris phase 🙂
  4. 2019 year they had some portable lights set up in that area, but not enough, so they drove a ute up over the gutter and left it's lights on - not sure how long that lasted 🙂
  5. Cool thanks - any ideas for calf/soleus? I can't do any more calf raises...
  6. Absolutely no snark - I'd love to hear what you do - I desperately need an at home strength routine.
  7. Ha before I looked for the article I guessed it would be Florence Ave. A good combination of grade and quietness. I've been running every street in nearby suburbs, and Denistone is by far the hilliest!
  8. You only drink full strength Coke for the sugar and caffeine?
  9. Just one example I know, but one young guy visited the BWS at Berala, then went to rural NSW. Contact tracers identified that he might have been exposed (not clear if this was based on EFTPOS of loyalty card data, but it was implied as one of the two). They contact him, he had no symptoms but got tested, and was positive.
  10. Minimum age to race an Ironman is 18, so probably not worth it for them doing all that training unless they really love it. Maybe just train for this one solo and get them involved when they are older.
  11. Jeez we'd convinced the family that we didn't need to do presents anymore for the last few years... and then kids/grandkids arrived and it's back on.
  12. Do not regret at all! Love it! I I think I understand all of those things individually, but wouldn't be able to put a system together. I love a bit of arduino hacking! Starting the research phase now... Sorry to clarify you have two pumps - one for the filter and one for the heating? Thanks for the info
  13. Crap thanks - typo - I swear I do understand the difference 🙂 16 x 330W panels. We are about $400 saved including FIT so far. Sounds awesome - would love to do the same. Do you have a recommendation on a system to look at? We only have a very small pool (~10,000L), but it's in shade a lot of the time so the swimming season is short, and I'm too cheap to pay to heat it. Solar heating would be great.
  14. Six months in. While those six months are probably the worst for solar generation, they were probably just as good for saving money as people were working from home and using an electric heater during the day, so self-consuming produced power rather than importing it. Using a relatively simple saving calculation we are at 5.95% payback, so just on 1% per month, which is pretty much what I guessed before installation - more of a coincidence though than good assumptions I think. Also this slightly overestimates saving, because we now do things during the day, like putting the dishwasher on,
  15. The athlete guide says no swim caps provided, bring your own, but spares available if you forget. Does that mean you caps are compulsory, or optional?
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