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  1. The athlete guide says no swim caps provided, bring your own, but spares available if you forget. Does that mean you caps are compulsory, or optional?
  2. I entered. Trying to resist cramming in last minute training to make up for the lack of swimming or running more than 7.5km over the last few months...
  3. Definitely one of the best times of my life. Timing was perfect - I was still living at home and at Uni, so few responsibilities. I was in the Opening Ceremony, in the 'bushfire' segment. We had about 15 practice sessions leading up to it, learning how to fire breathe. Going out in front of 110,000 people, plus of course the TV audience, was amazing. It was over in a flash! We saw and mucked around with heaps of performers from other segments, and saw Nikki Webster, John Farnham and Olivia Newton John while we were waiting in the tunnels. I went to the two triathlons (so shattered wh
  4. His swing BANG! Dad joke, but just too late for Father's Day.
  5. Not sure it was all the same night now, but in my memory Wests Tigers won a finals game (that I went to), Swans won finals game, Cadel did enough in the time trial to ensure he'd win the Tour, and Mark Webber got pole at a race. That was the best night of watching sport I've ever had.
  6. Michael Bevan hitting a four off the last ball to win a day-nighter at the SCG.
  7. toolex


    Unless you're a "sovereign citizen" or whatever the nut jobs claim. They say the rules don't apply to them, but I bet they drive around wearing seatbelts and stopping at traffic lights - examples of restrictions we agree to to make it safer for everyone...
  8. toolex


    If there is anything Excel is good at, it's taking something that looks even vaguely like a date, and formatting it as a date 🙂
  9. toolex


    Still the USA sorry Australia = 19 / 26,000,000 = 7.307e-7 = 0.000073% USA = 1300 / 328,000,000 = 3.963e-6 = 0.000396% USAs number is 3.963e-6 / 7.307e-7 = 5.4 times worse...
  10. I was strongly advised to get a "supercap" powered one rather than a battery - in Australian conditions batteries don't last long as they go through many heat up/cool down cycles when the car is parked.
  11. Wow seems like a great deal especially on the wheels. Debating with myself if it's worth converting to tubulars...
  12. Yeah I knew there couldn't be a hour long delay. They do have a few minutes leeway, but not that long. Rescheduled for I think 5:22am Sunday.
  13. I'm hoping for a one hour delay to be able to watch it at work...
  14. You can get standalone solar hot water systems - either electric or thermal power. We started getting quotes as our gas tank is getting old. It's not SUPER cheap, but if you use a lot of hot water the payback time isn't too bad. Thermal is kinda like the old solarhart systems you still see on rooftops, just a lot more efficient now. Electric is just a standalone solar panel on the roof that runs a super efficient heat pump attached to the tank. The thermal systems can be roof mounted, or ground mounted with a small circulation pump. https://www.solarquotes.com.au/hot-water/type/
  15. Ryde and Maquarie Uni both closed too.
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