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  1. I was a Stackhat kid 😆
  2. Make sure you have read the race maps and know where you are going! Swim - I think most races in NSW these days are rolling starts due to 'rona (or limited groups/pairs), so no big crowds to deal with, but if you feel nervous at all, hang back or to the side to get some space. Bike - Enjoy the ride. Practice drinking (and eating if you need) on the bike. You want to make sure you don't wobble or swerve while trying to drink Run - Practice running off the bike, your legs need to learn what this is! Make sure you know how to count! I've had people come in after what the
  3. Yeah depending on the club and grade you are in be prepared to come off. 🤣 Last time I did crits was 2018 and someone nicknamed C grade "crash grade" think they were turning over 1 spill every couple of weeks!
  4. The Obamas were just as affectionate as well. I love how that other guy left early. Some corners reckon it was so he could take off and land in "Air Force One" as the name would have changed to something else as soon as Biden was sworn in. 🤣
  5. Yeah, add a review, people need to know how much trouble you went through. #helpabrotherout
  6. I've not had an issue with them either. We used them to book all the way though Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In Australia, I use them to search and then book directly if available, but with a lot of places the online booking is through one portal or another anyway, and I don't need to call them, which takes up their time. Edit: Reviews disappear off booking.com - a place I stayed in while in suburban Melbourne has reviews dating back to 2019. I stayed in 2017 and my review was scathing, mainly as I copped bed bugs (oh god I think I am itching now at the thought). Do a look on G
  7. That above is the official date it should have been designated as a pandemic. It crossed international boundaries. It took TWO months. By about Feb we had people coming back from overseas not coming into the office on company advice. The Chinese massage places had signs saying that none of their staff had been overseas and were not displaying any symptoms.
  8. Not for PayPal. There is for Active though 🤣
  9. Yeah, that seems correct, every time I run a refund for the Club Races via PayPal they refund the fees they take as well.
  10. If it works like the Fuselage (Shiv) then some water remains in the tube so easy enough to get fluid. Only issue one reviewer found was difficulty in refilling, seems to be hard to put in and remove, but if you are doing IMOZ or Husky courses that is a god send 🤣 @BNothling much the same here. Even though I only use for water, it's valuable.
  11. Hey Flannie Lake Parramatta - you can swim there, but the eels get cranky 🤣 also line of sight is not great, so swimming alone is not advised. I might get Scotty to follow me in the inflatable. Regatta Centre - you can swim there for $10 or so, but you need to have a spotter walking beside you, so I have only done swims in groups there, theres a form that needs to be filled in. You would have to make sure the competition lake is open. Silver Beach in Kurnell is another candidate, one coach I used to know (passed away now) used to get her ladies to swim there, it has a 200m or
  12. Make sure you drop a review on Google as well, just in case they disappear from Booking.com Link to Google Reviews (if it works) Edit: I just checked the pricing for Husky Weekend for two - $1000 for 2 nights, for 2 people, crazy considering how far it is from the race.
  13. 😡 Does Tedros really have any right to speak now? He took forever to pull his head out of his ass and call a spade a spade (or in this case a pandemic a pandemic). Yup WHO, go sit in your corner while the world fixes it.
  14. I was happy for both sports to run as they were not from overseas, and the majority seemed to deal with it ok (they were just happy to play!). I was extremely disappointed at only seeing some players "slapped on the wrist" for breaking quarantine and being allowed to play the next match, including one of our own players. (Nathan Cleary from Panthers let strange chicks into his house, as shown on a TikTok video).
  15. I reckon with the lockdown you guys endured you would be doing anything to make sure you don't go through that again. In my part of Sydney (Ryde and Canada Bay) see around 85% wearing them properly, the other 15% are dopes with them being worn as earrings or chin warmers while talking on the phone (and near others on escalators) or wearing them with their nose poking out.
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