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  1. What I know so far: Wetsuit - Temperature taken by the unofficial TOs present at the PTC race about 3pm on Sunday was 20.5 - but I was told it was cool, windy and rainy part of last week, so dropped it from 21.9 that we took the week before at the Hills race (we had come in from a hotter week). Swim - I've heard that they will be making the swim course a 1km straight line (which should allow for physical distancing), so bring thongs you are prepared to chuck as we all lack "thong biatches" for this race. 🤣 Bike - Looks like 3 laps of a 10k course, regatta centre and Old Castl
  2. ....and to this day the drinking tradition is kept alive by those who get others involved in the sport after a few drinks 🤣
  3. It's also the tent alley and cheering on your club mates. I withdrew my TO signup a little while back as I thought I might be unemployed after my last contract ended, fuel and accommodation was looking a bit steep for a few hours unpaid (TOs don't get a TA payment for Club Champs).
  4. Hi Everyone, We have the portals up for the November Races November 22 - Race start is 9am, check in is at 8am. https://my.raceresult.com/159561/ November 22 - WOMENS ONLY RACE 200m/10k/2k. https://my.raceresult.com/159557/ We also have 2021 dates which are up in the first post.
  5. Saturday Nepean events cancelled (kids races and enticer) Sunday Nepean is ON! 🥳They have 60 spots left, and they may have more if people choose to defer to next year. Get your skates on and enter! https://nepeantriathlon.com.au/nepean-triathlon/
  6. As far as I know, there are no t-shirts or towels. We still need colour coded swim caps, sticker kits and TOs as it's an open sanctioned event. Still need lifesavers for safety (they are not cheap!). Regatta centre costs a bomb to hire, even for a standard club race. 6 laps of the regatta centre will get a bit crowded, that is their worst case option. Competitor safety wise, not the best. I hope they can at least get out onto Old Castlereagh just outside the regatta centre. That will spread the bikes out a bit. I wonder what they are doing regarding vollies? Usual deal is their char
  7. Nepean still waiting on news - they are waiting on a response from Destination NSW about a grant which they need in order to run the event. Club Champs - rumours that it will be on, with the format of 500 in, 500 out, then rinse and repeat. No spectators. No on-site presentation. Events in NSW are suffering administratively and cash wise due to the cap of 500 which includes participants, volunteers, technical officials, staff and parents of child participants. You either cap the field, or do a 500 in, 500 out. which just extends the venue hire and road closures.
  8. Which depending on the country the account is held in is earning 2/5 of sweet FA as bank interest rates have dropped pretty much everywhere. Ask all my family elders who are self-funded retirees, they were hoping I could sway the next board decision 🤣
  9. Hey all we are back in a COVID safe way. Upcoming races are available to Triathlon Australia members only at this stage while we work out things. Currently; We are running a rectangle course this year with rolling start. Briefing will be sent out prior to the race - no onsite briefing. Enough sanitiser to shower in, physical distancing and I will get the super soaker out on those who blow snot rockets, as well as a stern talking to. Dates October 10 - Race start is 5pm, check in is at 4pm - online entries close at 9pm tomorrow and no late or on the day entries h
  10. I'm already paid up for IMOZ, see you all there.
  11. Indoor or outdoor? They had the same levels in Sydney, outdoors opened first, then indoor pools a month or so after. Although SOPAC has only just re-opened. Although the indoor might be available for squads only, they did that here. Just be wary of the gyms reopening, gyms were being named as hotspots a few times a week up here. @Blobby check earlier, as far as I was aware the booking system for one of our pools up here was opening up at 6am for the next day.
  12. Pretty much. As far as I remember in terms of slots for women, they have mostly been at 70.3 worlds and only select races where they have the Women for Tri present, which in Oceania is not many races. I remember looking at the requirements for being an ambassador and it said I had to be at two of their races, there were only two in Oceania, none in NSW. 🤣
  13. Only staring?? Anywhere from about 2pm we cop the meowing. This makes for interesting meetings, actually my interview was at 3pm, but a good ice breaker with the potential bosses, where I got introduced to the project managers french bulldog as he was asking for food too. My little guy is asleep now, so adorable. Hills Science Diet Dental kibble, and he seems to like the Purr brand of sachets from coles, he gets those fussy cat meat pouches as well, as well as a little bit of BBQ chicken if we are having.
  14. MissJess


    I've been around since since 2013/14 (my first race was at the tail end of 2012/13). I used to race lots at the club races and EE, mostly anything up to club distance. October 2017 I moved up to long course, but I still get a sprint race in every now and again. I have an mdot in the plan, but Rona put a stop to that. Hopefully 2021 will be the year I get the finish. While not racing the short stuff, I keep involved in the sport. Currently on the management committee of a large club in Sydney and have taken on the race director role until we find a new one. Whenever I step down from c
  15. But you have to admit that accessing a tap is not as convenient, depending on how many things they touch during a shift. They would have to go to an unused room and I doubt there is one of those, so that means the lobby, which means more touching, and I doubt they have been conditioned to hit the buttons with elbows.
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