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  1. MissJess

    Dating online

    Oh god, TISM. Last time I saw them was 2001 at the HiFi Bar on Swanston St. 😮
  2. MissJess

    Dating online

    Thanks, I had rinsed that from my mind! That would have been the times when my friends mum took us to the pool while she went to aerobics. She was pretty decent too, had a large number of male admirers. I have a feeling she was doing some horizontal aerobics too - we were parked in the car a little too long out front of a strange house... 🤣
  3. Yes, but you need to talk to your GP. The groups on the list below are those at-risk groups of severe CV-19 https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/advice-for-people-at-risk-of-coronavirus-covid-19
  4. They said those under 50 who have already had their 1st shot and had no issues will get the 2nd, only call is on your GP now.
  5. AND......Victoria has just started accepting international arrivals again I mean third times a charm, but I am wondering if SportsBet are running a book on them failing again? https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/delays-will-increase-the-chance-of-lockdowns-mckell-institute-warns-of-1-4b-hit-to-economy-20210409-p57htz.html What I am concerned about personally is that there is another leak, and they don't have the metro Melbourne "ring of steel" in place, this means any lockdown for Melbourne will automatically apply for regional Victoria, like it did in February, which meant my
  6. MissJess

    Couch to Kona

    The swim course at Port delivers some pretty quick times by the way... Rolling start which gives drafting opportunities if you play it smart A nice little current, but mostly flat, like a pool Salt water which is around 22 degrees which is easier to get through - not like my local salt water pool which is a soupy 27 degrees 🤣 I just had a look at Busso and Cairns and their swim times for the same AG vary by about 5 minutes.
  7. Seems logical. There's going to be an awful lot of people at Kona in 2022 🤣 The folks who were locked in for the cancelled 2020, those who qualified for 2021 who cannot go overseas, then those from July onwards this year - which could logically be IMOZ September, IMWA and IMOZ May 2022. But...who knows if we can even leave in 2022?
  8. Only minor, but Ironman has been canned for a 3rd time! (2nd for me) May 2020 turned into May 2021, now September 2021. I'm sucking up the September date on the basis that (luckily) my contract ends at the end of October now (being extended). I was hoping to look for a new job in May, but as much as this place shits me (I am sick of repeatedly asking people to do their work or randomly changing processes), they allow me to work from home for 4 days a week.
  9. September 5, then I can start looking for a new job on September 6! (Then I can live without work from home benefits).
  10. As far as I was aware most people who feel they are being inconvenienced usually leave. That's ok. I'll let them have their fathers day back, I'll stop training now, and then start training for Ironman again in January for a 3rd year in a row.
  11. Yeah I saw some comments on Facebook. Lots about it being fathers day and people cannot see their loved ones, etc, etc. The council agreed to the new date...they should take their beef up with the council...
  12. Yeah, but a difficult proposition with the number of volunteers required for all of the aid stations (especially the bike). He had trouble getting one bike aid station manned for Husky Ultimate, let alone the number that the Port course needs. If Port had one aid station per 90k lap we'd all be carrying 2 litre hydration packs on our backs, as well as all cages full. They have a lot of work ahead of them to recover, the roads might look ok, the swim might be ok by then, but people still need to fix their houses which likely are not insured (the cost of flood insurance is enormous). A frie
  13. Yeah pretty much. Only catch is it is a maximum of 5 devices, and they count it using the applications that log in, of which there are 2 still - the old Rouvy (now called Rouvy Workouts) and Rouvy AR. Unfortunately if you use workouts as part of your training (like I do) you need both. Scott and my mate don't need both which means I am still just under their limit, although I have had issues if someone gets a new tablet or laptop 🤣 I have to log in to the portal and check all the connected devices. I'm waiting until they roll the workout and AR functions into one app, then the 3 of us won
  14. Looks like Emmo is considering offering a 2/80/20 at Port Stephens which is the following weekend.
  15. Yeah that's what the expectation is from what I have seen from the Home Affairs page. You leave, you pretty much expect to not come home.
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