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  1. You have to apply to Home Affairs (Federal) - https://travel-exemptions.homeaffairs.gov.au/tep But people have noted it can be a bit of a lottery.
  2. Nup, that was the Victorian man. He picked it up through the hallways... As for my comments about India, we cancelled ANZAC day last year, we pretty much cancelled Easter, the celebrations at the end of Ramadan were cancelled, Christmas was pretty much cancelled for most of Australia. I'd like to stay as close as we can to COVID free thanks. I'm sick of the constant demands to go back to the office when its spreading between hotel rooms, there are exemptions to the pre-departure testing, then people get infected while there, then they get out and sit in a cafe, or on a train or a bu
  3. Don't know, but theres more according to the media. He left in December 2020 to get married in India, then came back with his wife!
  4. They only reduced it by 30% or something late last week, they have not stopped them. As for not caring, I am in the "serves them right" camp. They have had huge festivals, they are still having their weddings (which are super spreader events), and going about life in the cities as per usual, where we have stopped our huge festivals and are still minimising contact as much as we can, especially with those vulnerable. Still steamed about this guy who got a pass to get out and go to a wedding there and come back. A superspreader event in a country where its running rampant.
  5. I have the Stryke gun. I bought it just after the start of lockdown in Sydney last year when I realised I still needed to exercise, but could not get massages. Glutes, hammies, quads, ITBs, theres some other places it could be used on based on certain videos 🤣
  6. Chambo - I cannot speak for international flights, but I fly domestic with Qantas and have not had an issue. The main issue with international will be the extra weight charges, I opted to rent in Switzerland. I also fly with CO2 canisters, you can fly with a maximum of 4 from memory, just need to apply for the exemption (which is easy).
  7. Thanks @lawman yeah the burping was concerning as I was burping a lot, the +1 thought it was not too much of an issue (and it was endearing he said 🙄) but I was seeing as an issue. I'm down to one coffee (one shot) a day. I'll start weaning a bit further. Hopefully with the wedge pillow I can make sure I get proper rest and not need the coffee anymore! I might talk to the exercise physiologist and get my gait checked. I think I don't bounce a lot as it is. I may PM you about the rest.
  8. As an athlete (I am also an RD). Medals - For longer stuff like 10k fun runs and longer I love the idea of a finisher medal. 10k for most people is no mean feat. Possibly Olympic distance tris and above as well, as they are an event that the masses have to train for. Especially the first timers. I think first timer blokes are missing out, as a lot of the first timer events in tri are geared to females, and they get a medal, but a man cannot do those, so does an enticer elsewhere and gets nothing to show for it. Its kind of a shame really. Course safety - nothing worse than trying to
  9. Well, it doesn't rain, it pours. Went to the doctor last week after bouts of burping over the last couple of weeks, which I think is excessive. He reckons I might have silent reflux. He sent off for a bunch of blood tests and put me on PPIs for the acid production. I've dropped alcohol, fizzy drinks and chocolate. At least the crazy amounts of burping has stopped. So that might be Ironman over before I even get started. I've been scouring the internet to find ONE person who has any form of reflux and is a long distance triathlete. Just a bunch of articles saying how bad running is, and h
  10. MissJess

    Dating online

    Oh god, TISM. Last time I saw them was 2001 at the HiFi Bar on Swanston St. 😮
  11. MissJess

    Dating online

    Thanks, I had rinsed that from my mind! That would have been the times when my friends mum took us to the pool while she went to aerobics. She was pretty decent too, had a large number of male admirers. I have a feeling she was doing some horizontal aerobics too - we were parked in the car a little too long out front of a strange house... 🤣
  12. Yes, but you need to talk to your GP. The groups on the list below are those at-risk groups of severe CV-19 https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/advice-for-people-at-risk-of-coronavirus-covid-19
  13. They said those under 50 who have already had their 1st shot and had no issues will get the 2nd, only call is on your GP now.
  14. AND......Victoria has just started accepting international arrivals again I mean third times a charm, but I am wondering if SportsBet are running a book on them failing again? https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/delays-will-increase-the-chance-of-lockdowns-mckell-institute-warns-of-1-4b-hit-to-economy-20210409-p57htz.html What I am concerned about personally is that there is another leak, and they don't have the metro Melbourne "ring of steel" in place, this means any lockdown for Melbourne will automatically apply for regional Victoria, like it did in February, which meant my
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