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  1. Same here…. Nothing ever showed up. If it happens more and he is in a financial position, could get one of these https://www.alivetec.com/products/alivecor-kardia-mobile-ecg-for-iphone-and-android-free-express-post It captures what is going on in the moment and creates a PDF which you can email cardiologist. Then they can have a look and see exactly what is happening. (Clearly if has only happened the one time it is overkill).
  2. Out of interest, how does he know this? I was in sinus at all times… other than when I was having an episode. And needed every bit of that luck… the high level summary, I watched myself die on the ward. Fair bit of intervention, emergency surgery and a few days in ICU and here I am… If they do the surgery, make sure they don’t put a hole in your heart by accident….
  3. Flanman, that sounds soo familiar. I would say faulty HR strap is very unlikely - as an athlete you know when you heart is not doing what you expect. I am having my second ablation next week.....
  4. Seems a little strange - but not unbelievable... Wagga vs Melbourne: yes. Any chance the Uro doc is from Melbourne or Melbourne trained? (not professing to have any strong opinion either way and at the end you need to make the decision on what to do - google and tri forums aren’t necessarily the best friends of clarity!)
  5. Hey GoEasy, I’m Melbourne based and hang out in medical circles.... yell out if have specific questions, etc as likely to be able to get some further insight. Guessing talking robot? Steno
  6. Royal commissions are independent of political parties so very hard to dictate how to be funded eg “franking credits”, “coal support”, “Angus Taylor’s water”, “detention centres housing no one”, “detention centres housing everyone”, etc... What I will say, this is chump change compared to old fighter jets, subsidies to dying industries, etc. Am off to read a report on gas fired recovery and to see if Rory’s dog has poo’ed
  7. How did you go today? Did the magnetic fields align?
  8. Maybe dogs shit different in the land of the long white cloud? I have extensively looked at my dog, then the sun and then my dog..... Oh and I present a scientific paper.. looks like you had an unstable MF 🤣 https://frontiersinzoology.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/1742-9994-10-80.pdf
  9. Edit: scrap that. I learnt that the worlds Covid fits in a coke can
  10. Dogs only poo facing North South..... so when they do the few steps before they “settle in” they are like acting like a compass! 🤯
  11. Now there are some memories of a great few days. 25kgs and a working heart ago
  12. That looks familiar.. Hope you are well mate.
  13. Give it to 2023 Rox and then it is expected to be equally priced. Will fall post that. Interesting to see the charging network convo. My guess is most charging will happen at home (11pm onwards) and companies will offer charging as a staff benefit. There will be minimal need for the traditional petrol station.
  14. Dalai, Not around much these days, watching people play scrabble has me here now! I don’t do much either any more, but am a good listener or even good to just sit with. Yell out if you want - no pressure. Shaun
  15. Had it done in late March mate... can share any stories and answer a bunch of questions if need. I had four and a half months of bliss.... and then it shat itself again a fortnight ago. Off to the cardiologist next Friday to work out next steps....
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