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  1. That looks familiar.. Hope you are well mate.
  2. Give it to 2023 Rox and then it is expected to be equally priced. Will fall post that. Interesting to see the charging network convo. My guess is most charging will happen at home (11pm onwards) and companies will offer charging as a staff benefit. There will be minimal need for the traditional petrol station.
  3. Dalai, Not around much these days, watching people play scrabble has me here now! I don’t do much either any more, but am a good listener or even good to just sit with. Yell out if you want - no pressure. Shaun
  4. Had it done in late March mate... can share any stories and answer a bunch of questions if need. I had four and a half months of bliss.... and then it shat itself again a fortnight ago. Off to the cardiologist next Friday to work out next steps....
  5. Yep.... but that ain’t a paint chip caused by a stone, etc. Something has been dropped on it and to me, it looks like something of size. The previous owner will know exactly what..... I would be arranging to have it scanned. The response to the email will be “we are more concerned by what we can’t see”. Can’t remember what it cost me to get fixed, maybe $500ish including painting.
  6. From Trannie Whodesigns. He is the godfather of carbon and carbon repair in Aus. http://luescherteknik.com.au/ Be prepared that it will be a strip of all the components and $$$ to fix. I know this from experience.
  7. I’m with IP... that ain’t no paint chip. You can see the carbon separating. Where are you based? If in Melb, $100 for a scan and will be told definitely what damage it is. My guess? You got it for a bargain
  8. I probably have a bit of a unique insight into this. I was at the school when the attacks happened: in year 11 to be exact. I knew/know many exCcathedral College choir kids. I attended the masses and celebrations. I have met George numerous times. At school and at church. He is a big imposing man. My recollection is he would have to be 6'4+. Dad is 6'3 and George is definitely bigger. He would have been 110kgs+. He would have been mid 50's as well so still relatively fit. For comparison, when I was 13, I would have been lucky to be 5' and 50kgs. He towers over you. The main thing fo
  9. Buy pedals, then cranks and then new cleats for a few pairs of shoes and well chainset based just seems easier...
  10. I kind of relate to this. I had really no issues other than an burst eardrum from a knock at a turning can, that decides to "reburst" itself every time I go too deep in a pool. And then I had a little heart incident... and now booked in for surgery in March. In the words of the doc "not uncommon for people your age, especially in elite athletes". That was my paraphrasing of a long conversation 😂
  11. Ex - pretty sure we used to work together if I am piecing things together correctly. June 20th is my code word. I got out in November, after being directly placed into a role through the October round. My team was halved and the work remained. I went from a B1 to being paid a B1 doing the work of my grad. The mental health change (in moving out of the org) has been enormous: getting away from what was a pretty dire culture and everyone waiting for the next round: some hoping to be included (old timers) and others worried about being able to pay their mortgage. I don't have any advice
  12. Hi All, I am new around here. Approx 10years ago I bought a Quarq power meter off a rodent named Otter. It has worked flawlessly until a couple of weeks ago. Battery replaced, calibration failing and numbers all over the shop. It's time for a new one. What's the go these days? Looking for crankbased as 10 year old non working powermeter chainset will ruin my street cred if I leave it on the bike. Steno
  13. If they were four white skinned girls you wouldn’t have got them a car?
  14. I come back to the forums and not much as changed... Yoyo is back and CEM is back doing IM’s
  15. Alex... don’t answer on the forum.......... 🚔👮‍♂️👮‍♀️
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