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  1. Similar situations throughout my journey Katz. Same happened on my 21st years ago. Heaps invited...SFA showed up. It hurt. You can only put yourself out there so much, and from not lack of trying , you eventually give up and retreat back into your shell. I get it. Keep your chin up. Maybe get yourself another cat.
  2. I currently have a similar situation that I am hoping to work out with a couple of people ( if they ever make contact again).This helped me a lot Katz to see it from the other side of the fence. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks Skel. Sorry to hear about your Dad. That is tough being so far away.
  4. Never been ghosted by anyone before. It feels awful especially about people I care about. My mind is like spaghetti at present. I need to not overthink it and just let the cards fall.
  5. Not too flash at present. I had to get my dog put down late last week. She was 17 and a big chunk of our family harmony. Miss her a lot already. Also during Covid I have had two who I considered very close female friends disappear on me. Not contact/ignore messages/ignore text. Very unlike them and am at a loss as to why. I have not said or done anything to cause this. Upsets me greatly or what to do about it.
  6. BigRig

    IMWA 2020

    So are you going to change your name to Fatz? ☺️
  7. I am guessing treatment is not a viable option? Sorry to hear this.Treasure whatever time she has left together.
  8. Sad to hear Katz. Hope it turns out okay.Like you I am an animal lover and am going through a slow exit with one of my dogs.
  9. No swimming atm as my pool is closed, and am unsure of going to the beach. Running loops about 2km from home.Mostly riding on the wind trainer.
  10. Thanks Roxii.Great job!
  11. Yeh Keiran, I am with you on this on one.Complete lack of motivation for the past 12 months, which is usually not the case for me. Just CBF with training etc.I know how you feel.
  12. Busso Dec 2018 was last IM. 6th and last. CBF anymore.
  13. I have a few sets of American Classic wheels that I researched thoroughly to suit my bulk. Victory 30’s for my roadie and Carbon 58’s for my Tri Bike. They have a higher spoke count so can handle the higher weights.Great wheels. Worth a look.
  14. BigRig

    Busso 2019

    Have to say this years finisher medal and tee shirt look a bit naff compared to previous versions. Like everywhere these days probably cost cutting.
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