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  1. Nice job on Kona Qual. Roll down?
  2. Yeah I’ve done that as well. Been nearly 5 weeks from B.B. and Pushys now.
  3. Yeah I have a set of those Rog but chasing the straight ski bend rather then the ergo design. Cheers anyway.
  4. Yeah rare as hens teeth as well Rog.
  5. Has anyone got any Alloy Ski bends for the TT bars that fit the 22mm type clamps for profile design ect ect? They seem to be rare as *^%# to get some! Did they ban the ski type or something??? Out of stock/back order on every store/website I can think off....
  6. Someone explain to me why it was only a sprint triathlon!?!?
  7. 🤔 I don’t think I’ve raced Triathlon under 100kg.
  8. Tryline

    Starting Again

    Mate same position. Last thing I did triathlon related was 70.3 Cairns 2016. Doing the full this year in Cairns. Can just swim 1k at the moment and ride about an hr. Run, what’s that?!? I’m Farked!
  9. Wtf happened to live stream!?!?
  10. Ffs what the Fark is that shit.
  11. Mate I’m the opposite! Have a trade and wish I went to uni!
  12. Wow that’s a good deal as you can pick up a 520 for $309! 👍
  13. Can’t wait for the Tasmanian Debating Union!
  14. From the Alps to Moreton Island.
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