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  1. Pulling up tiles can be tough but doable if you have time and the tools. its dirty, dusty and you’re left with lots of very heavy rubbish. it also depends what you’re left with when the tiles come up and how much scraping you need to do to level it out. i pulled up tiles in our laundry which was a freakin nightmare. House built on stumps in the 80s so back then they put wire mesh staples to the floor boards, then cement and the tiles. pulling up that mesh was horrible and I was left with thousands of staples in the subfloor boards which were also warped. i ended up cut
  2. I haven’t tried the plans but want to give the 4 week FTP booster a go. Good job committing to the 12 weeks! i think we need to know starting weight as well, then at the end FTP with weight. i reckon 305 watts at the end...good luck!
  3. Back to Strava, the leaderboards were pretty useless anyway. Full of people doing it in cars or waiting for days of massive tail winds. I’d occasionally look at the current days leaderboard but won’t miss it and given I pay for training peaks I won’t be paying for Strava. Good luck to them though. It’s a tough market
  4. Growatt inverter 5w Jinko Cheetah 60M panels 6.6kw Initially $3100 out of pocket. Due to needing the export limiter we had 1 slot missing on our switchboard. Extra $200 for different switches and reroute. So yes...all up $3300 out of pocket. Initial quote was 8000. 3k in federal rebates, 1800 in Victoria solar rebate.
  5. Totally agree, but looking at 5-6k for a battery to save maybe 1k per year the way we're currently setup. Shifting away from gas probably first, then the battery. Or a new bike! 5-6k would get me a rather nice new ride
  6. We had our panels installed 2 weeks ago. 6.5kw system, 5kw inverter. After the rebates it cost about $1500 up front with an $1800 interest free loan over 3 years. The only down-side is that Powercor rejected any kind of feed-in due to capacity limits on the local transformer. That isn't going to change until the houses around us ( all built in 80's & 90's) start getting knocked down and townhouses put up, requiring grid upgrades. Our installer had to put in an export limiter which normally costs $300 but they threw that in. So the savings aren't that great at the moment i
  7. 2019 ag 50-54 6:03 move time, 6:10 elapsed avg pwr = 168, np=179 weight 78kg 2017 exactly same numbers within 5w, times 10min less as 2017 had no wind(2019 bit windy)
  8. Katz, I'm so sorry, it's a really tough thing to go through. Our dog was diagnosed with lymphoma over Easter and we were told 1 to 4 weeks. She passed away Wednesday. The same as you, she slept where she wanted, extra breakfast, steaks for dinner and had a really happy last 2 weeks without any pain or discomfort. I thought I'd be more prepared for the final vet visit but it's been harder than I thought. They leave such a big whole in your life which has really caught me out. I hope you can all enjoy the time you have left, my thoughts are with you.
  9. Not in that small patch, that's where one of them digs his hole to lie in. I got sick of trying to fill it and just sacrificed that part.
  10. Not as silly as it sounds. My wife works for a mid-sized plumber who does new residential estates sewer plumbing, ROV sewer repairs etc. Not usually single households. The large work is drying up fast, developers are slowing down, not paying bills and that flows through to them. However, they are now getting run off their feet for "minor" sewer/storm water repairs. The owners don't mind, they don't care if they have to use the excavator for the big jobs or a shovel for the small, as long as the $$$ keep coming in.
  11. They might struggle with the no refund policy under Australian Consumer Law. Depending on the conditions on entry, generally if an event is completely cancelled and the customer requests a refund then it must be paid. Hopefully most athletes will accept a deferred entry to next years event but I'm for some that won't be practical. Tricky area!
  12. Yep - 3 sessions of Crossfit a week, sometimes 4. If I ever start Tri training properly it'll be down to 2.
  13. IMOZ 2019 for my AG M50-54 - 10 hours gets you a Kona spot. top 3 at 9:47 to 9:55. 4th place a 10:02. 4 spots open for Kona. Given my time of 12:13, sub-10 is unlikely to say the least.
  14. Could be related? http://forums.transitions.org.au/topic/75718-another-sale-of-wtc/
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