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  1. Would you take $1000 for the group set and you keep the shifters, sprint shifters? Cheers
  2. Yes thanks to both the above replies thanks. Could you message me your number please Milney, cheers.
  3. Hi, Im after a set of zipp 808s, either fircrest or Zedtech, prefer tubular. Im also after a front and rear 10speed Di2 Dura ace Derailluers. Im in Brisbane. Cheers.
  4. Battlefield Brothers on Foxtel is pretty good. Its so weird listening to soldiers talk about wanting to go out kill people like its just another everyday conversation. Almost as though killings in thier blood.
  5. 22 years ago when I was 20, at my one and only cycling club race I managed a 59.55 40k tt. I had no proper training/coaching, a seven speed road bike with down tube gear changers and clip on Scott tribars. It was a carbon bike though. I also used my little sisters helmet that resembled a stack hat, extremely Un-Aero. My training consisted of 6 daily 74k round trip rides to town (uni) and back. No steady state training and No intervals either haha. The only speed training I did was drafting behind trucks for as long as I could most afternoons.........lol. My 1st world problem is des
  6. Theres a lot of great info in this thread. A lot of ott bable as well.....lol
  7. Hmmm, some interesting reading. Wouldnt mind trying this myself.
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