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  1. I remember an interview with Brad Kahlefeldt where he described punching out 80-100km swim weeks for a year under Brett Sutton when he first came to triathlon to become a front pack swimmer. He knew that if he was going to be competitive in ITU then a front-pack swim was non-negotiable.
  2. Yep. This was often the case pre-pandemic. I’ve seen plenty of 70.3 roll-downs where Pete Murray is standing on stage saying “is there anyone here who finished the race who’d like to go to the world champs?” Excluding when it was held on the Sunny Coast, they’re often giving away 70.3 WC slots at Oz races.
  3. Haha I raced Ironman South Africa with a couple of mates back in 2016 and a few days before the race we decided to do an ocean swim out the front of our hotel which was a couple of kilometres up the bay from the race start. We threw our wetties on, got down to the water, stared at a rough ocean with poor visibility and went 'Yeah... nah', turned around and went for coffee. Despite our ordinary swims in the race we never regretted that decision!
  4. Rule number 1 of Ironman splits - ALWAYS round down.
  5. Really elementary question here and I’m sorry if it’s already been asked. If I use a ‘dumb’ trainer (Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roll), my power meter (stages dual sided gen 2) and an iPad, should I be able to jump onto Zwift and ride away? Or do I need one of these dongle thingies?
  6. His bike position is looking good.
  7. BB’s contributions following his opening post have in no way clarified for me whether this thread is a gee-up or not 🤔
  8. What was the purpose of the session? Was it just time in the saddle? Were there efforts? Specificity? If it was just about time in the saddle then wattage doesn’t mean too much, although I think you’re always better off doing your IM long rides either solo or with just one or two others so you’re always doing work. Are you including efforts in any of your long rides? I generally found that on my long rides with efforts I was typically riding either well above or well below race pace but my average wattage for the whole ride came out pretty close to race wattage. Unless it was just a
  9. Settle down, I’m pretty sure he’s yet to break 3.30 for an IM marathon and it took him a roll-down to punch his ticket this time around 😝 Winning your AG over there is seriously a whole other level. I have no reason not to believe him - his report was otherwise very honest. Pretty reckless to race over-confident in your first time at Kona but it’s a lesson he’ll hopefully only learn once and he will probably get back there if that’s his goal, roll-down or otherwise 😉
  10. Yep. Although I’ve never owned one, I’ve always loved the UCI shiv. Macca’s 2010 Kona winning nose cone shiv was the fastest tri bike Specialized ever released. Occasionally they pop up on triathlon marketplace for crazy cheap. If I ever come out of retirement it will be on a budget and with the hope I can jag one of those.
  11. That course is seriously off its head. 5 times up Akuna Bay climb!?!? Fark, massive respect for all the finishers.
  12. I think volume is less important than the actual quality of the individual sessions and program as a whole. The sport is so uniquely personal in regards to what athletes can manage and what works best for the individual, but when I was self-coached my belief was that more hours would inevitably lead to me getting faster. It wasn’t until a got a coach that I realised how poorly I was training when I was writing my own programs. I was doing solid volume and going deep in a lot of my sessions, but it was all so unspecific and lacking in its overall strategic structure (there was none).
  13. I thought your asterisk was to denote a roll-down slot 🤔
  14. Hoffy86

    Wurf watch

    I assume that was before you slowed to 5min/km mate?
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