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  1. Granted I'm making an assessment on character from 20 seconds of footage, but didn't like old mate waving his arms around suggesting it wasn't his fault. I wouldn't have let him pass just for that mini tantrum.
  2. Bum bum. As in a bad way. Not good bum Nice to have a chilled break on the beach this year anyway.
  3. First one I've joined today, well organised good spirited main bunch. If there are plans to continue will def ride again. Nice one.
  4. FINALLY on Zwift. So that. Have only run once in 2 weeks because of it.... Feel an obsession coming on
  5. Registration this morning for people that care, and don't know how calenders work.
  6. It's like a lake atm. Go figure....
  7. People file out pretty quickly. Just had a lazy burger and beer on the deck of the surf club without much hassle getting a table.
  8. Ash looked great on mt glorious rd yesterday. 7? And no, Josh didn't ride past me like I was standing still..... and it most def wasn't twice
  9. I'm more Carlton Draught worthy atm......
  10. Not worried in the least about what happens in the water, just hoping it's fluid getting people away.
  11. I'm in that wave too. I'm guessing these zones are going to be a CF but it is what it is. Unless it isn't. But it is.
  12. That's where we are staying. Yay us!
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