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  1. create a trend chart (trendbox), type is time series, trend by created / opened on (whatever), per hour
  2. Oh. My. God. I listened to 1.45mins of that. I may never forgive you FP. (Tori Amos also did a version - I think this *might* be worse)
  3. I had been trying to find this song for years to stick on my spotify list, but could never find it as I thought it was Michael Stipe. Found it late last year. Also love it
  4. An ok version, but pity they changed the words as they have removed some of the meaning behind the song. But I guess a black American guy singing about The Troubles isn't really relevant and they were trying to make it relevant for today. But still...
  5. Don't kill me, but I love Tori Amos' version of Famous Blue Raincoat
  6. That's because he kept going off on these half baked schemes...
  7. Carb loading tends to work better for men that women. I just end up feeling bloated and heavy if I load, so I tend to just eat normal meals before any race, but the day before make sure the meals are more carb focused than veggie focused. I don't find pasta is great, but rice works well for me - rice tend to "solidify/bind stuff" in my innards and I don't get runner's belly on it...
  8. BogFrog


    I don't think the AZ is as effective on the new strains.
  9. The tone of your replies are becoming quite aggressive.
  10. Ah, we're here are we? Victim blaming much?
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