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  1. Friend DNF'd. As did quitr a few nothers. Non-wettie swim (her watch registered 21) but it was cold outside the water. She was shivering so much she couldn't clip in on the bike.
  2. BogFrog


    A bit hard to ask the Brits to do the right thing when their own leader defends a fellow pollie who breaks disown lockdown orders and then makes up bullsh!t stories about it... But yeah, there is a reason Europe is in the sh!t
  3. BogFrog


    This graph doesn't show where the cases are coming from. Most of the NSW cases are returned travellers in hotel quarantine. There are more community transmission cases in Vic. That is what they are worried about...
  4. Not in amy other country that I have lived in...
  5. I don't really understand how 1984 can be used as a comparison to what is happening in the USA. Animal Farm maybe, but dont get the parallels with 1984...
  6. Oh but it is!!! They just don't know it yet!!! 😄
  7. Well, the title doesn't really relate to the topic - the topic is about one particular mother that he works with... But if he was looking for clickbait, "Modern Mothers" works a lot better than "There is this one woman that I work with" 😜
  8. Very good point - I use my roadie to commute and I can only deal with a small backpack (then again, my back is quite small!) I'd give the hybrid a red hot go first - It's a commute, not a race after all.
  9. How would moving to a cashless society reduce your taxes? And I laugh. I laugh hard when I hear Aussies complaining about paying high taxes... I nearly fell off my chair when I saw my first payslip here in Australia
  10. I did mean all that very tongue in cheek... as in, it deserves zero importance...
  11. I hope you are taking on board my opinion with the importance it deserves... 🤔
  12. I've never found it beneficial...
  13. Why do you say Harris was lying? (note, I didn't watch it as I had to work...)
  14. No need for the link - the anecdotal evidence was directly in the post that I had quoted...
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