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  1. BogFrog


    YOU're not my real Dad!!!
  2. Even if all the residents have been vaccinated, it doesn't mean that they are all immune to covid. The vaccine may not take in certain people.
  3. Double this. You guys have shit physios! Also, could part of the problem be that we don't know the difference between physiotherapists and physiologists?
  4. BogFrog


    No borders opening until late 2022? 🤯
  5. I'm with Katz... But I'd probably say Saturday week to clarify things... Another one is, when does "afternoon" stop and "evening" begin? 5pm is the cutover for me
  6. BogFrog


    And then has to bring it back case he got the wrong one / doesn't fit / didn't RTFM etc 😜
  7. BogFrog


    Gilded cage I believe is the correct term...
  8. Not something I've recently learnt, but following on this theme... the is a town in the north of Ireland called Muff. They have a scuba diving centre. They sell t-shirts
  9. Brilliant as usual! I had no idea the Vic gov was taxing EVs. *headdesk* #shoutourselvesinthefoot
  10. BogFrog


    In fairness, these blood clots appear to be much more serious than your average clot from e.g. the pill, or flying...
  11. BogFrog


    So sorry iFoz. This cuts very close to the bone.
  12. BogFrog


    Why? I don't understand why they are so different to other vacuums?
  13. BogFrog


    Well, I just bit the bullet and bought a steam mop that goes over carpet. Hopefully regular use will get rid of the blighter. Picked up a new filter for the hoover while I was there...
  14. BogFrog


    I have HEPA filter in my hoover, but not really sure it does much. Is it the filter or the dyson that makes the difference for you IJ? Thankfully I'm not allergic to cats, but my dust mites allergy has flared up since moving into my new house - there is lots more carpet here that where I've previously lived. I want to try regular steam cleaning before ripping out the carpet...
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