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  1. Ah yes, this looks more like what I remember - but I think I replaced the and with or 🤣
  2. I seem to remember AP saying that you should keep yourself in enough shape to be able to do any ONE of the legs of a HIM tomorrow... Not the full HIM... Or maybe I remembered wrong...
  3. BogFrog


    ^^^ possibly posted in the wrong thread, but man! That is some concession speech!
  4. So did I, but two physios said that was impossible... But I didn't keep taking them - I took two 12 hours before a race, but other than that, I don't think it's a good idea to rely on these things
  5. Shows there is clearly a problem with the voting registration process. Doesn't mean that those people actually voted twice / voted at all. Not sure how it works over there, but I'm guessing there would be lots of dead people registered to vote here. It takes time to remove them from the register - and how do they get notified to remove them?
  6. Nope, this has not been substantiated at all. The reps went to court for no reason to make it LOOK like they won a court case. They were always allowed in to view the counting. And I haven't seen it reported anywhere that the dems are appealing that peeps can over see the count
  7. Reports, unconfirmed and unsubstantiated Your Michigan example just shows a swing, or a bunch of votes from a city within Michigan (cities tend to vote more to the left that countryside) Em, what "election malfeasance" are you referring to? And I believe if you want to talk about this type of thing, I believe it is more republicans that try to suppress the vote...
  8. So IJ, pray do explain to us how he has easily won the election? Where is the fraud? How was he cheated? Why they should stop the count?
  9. Why do people keep saying that Biden is senile and has dementia? I haven't seen anything that displays either of these traits. Yes, I think he is too old to take office ( as is Trump, as was Regan etc), but why the senile / dementia comments?
  10. I don't believe this at all. We need to recognise our privilege. I am totally privileged and I recognise that I have had an advantage in life above a lot of people. There are other people who have even more of an advantage than I have, but it hasn't stopped me - because I have the privilege to have been given the tools that I need to get what I want. Luck has nothing to do with hard work. You can work hard all your life and be unlucky. You can also not work hard and be lucky...
  11. USA, Australia, Northern Ireland etc... Just because you worked while going to uni doesn't mean you weren't privileged. The fact you had a job and that you had the opportunity to go to uni shows that you were one of he lucky ones. You had the oppotunity, and you took it. Admittedly, some have the opportunity and don't take it. But everyone should have the opportunity. There are some areas in the US (and likely Australia) that are very very poor, where nobody is very educated and there are no jobs and opportunities in the area - if you grow up and live with people your whole life who
  12. Each of the 10 people were able to get an apprenticeship. Each of the 10 went to school. Now compare that to someone who can't get a trade as there are no apprenticeships available. Someone who comes from a poor socio-economic background who is expected to leave school asap to get a job to help pay the bills. Now who is priviledged? Or compare it to someone who can't get a job because of the colour of their skin, or because of their surname?
  13. All 10 were privileged! 4 dropped out and got a trade, 6 went to uni. Privilege!!!
  14. I disagree with this statement. I also hate labels, but using these labels, I would say that conservative strive to keep the status quo and don't recognise that people do not have the same opportunities. I would be considered to be left leaning and I believe that if people do not start from the same start point, then huge efforts should be made to rectify this and give the person at the bottom of the ladder the tools to reach the top of the ladder. I also agree that the last sentence of that cartoon isn't the best - the cartoon should had said "...means that we all have the opportunity
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