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  1. Already signed up for the March IMNZ 70.3. Fingers crossed we get a travel bubble!
  2. Specialized Shiv running Dura Ace componentry and FFWD 60mm clinchers.
  3. Goughy, that must be an incredibly hard place to be in. While i'm not a parent myself (yet, hopefully one day), through my frontline role I have seen the struggles parents have when their children are suffering from mental health issues and can only begin to imagine how frustrating and heartbreaking it must be. How old is he? From memory this has been something you've been trying to deal with for a while now. Has anything helped in the past? Could changing schools be an option or is it something you've tried already? I'm not saying it's the solution by any means but just throwing ideas ou
  4. Both my partner and I are very thankful to work for the Government in healthcare roles. We're trying to support our local businesses as much as possible at the moment by buying extra coffee, shopping at the local fruit and vege, getting (healthy) takeaway options once or twice a week. I feel so sorry for the thousands of businesses affected.
  5. Argh I can't figure out how to embed the damn video
  6. That Norseman video is epic mate. I loved it!
  7. Sorry to hear Tyno. I really hope she comes home soon.
  8. I did think about that and I could turn it around so it has space behind but I hate facing the wall so I figure if I just make sure I don't fall off....
  9. I would suggest the first step (if they haven't already) would be taking her to the GP and organising a "Mental Health Plan" which allows for a certain number of psychology sessions to be medicare funded. The GP will generally also do a couple of "tick and flick" type tests to assess the level of depression/anxiety and may or may not also recommend medication. Make sure they let the clinic know when they book that it's for a Mental Health Plan as they're generally longer appointments. Also, depending on where in Qld they are, there are often some psychologists who specialise in adolescen
  10. Have just finished moving stuff around in the garage and sorting out my pain cave. Added some resistance bands now that the gym and PT is a no go.
  11. Did my first swim since SC70.3 today...2km...felt like the slowest 2km of my life. And now i'm sunburnt
  12. CarpeDiem

    Magpies ?

    And this is why I don't ride at this time of year. Call me a pansy but it's just not worth an accidental swerve into a car/object/etc.
  13. A quick google says it's by a guy named Jim Rohn. I agree, awesome quote.
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